How NOT to become a DOUCHEBAG on Facebook

Written by Chad

February 9, 2012



The social media is now a medium for people to communicate and interact with each other online, heck this is becoming a more popular to Filipinos that it even spanned around 28 million users on the most popular social media site Facebook. And yet of course whatever we do on Facebook, it also reflects who you are and also affects your reputation in real life. Some people are not aware that they are doing it the wrong way, while some are just plain douchebags and just wanted the attention. So if you are the type who keeps on spamming status updates, chances are people will  regard you as an attention whore and it is more likely that you will lose “real” friends with such attitude.

So if you want to learn on the proper etiquette and not to become a douchebag; we at Reimaru Files will show you how.


Avoid the Application Overload. Yes, sometimes we love to play games; even on Facebook or maybe try out some of those applications, but you don’t have to mash on the share button on every activity you made in every games and applications you used on the social media site. We don’t care what the Chinese Horoscope says about you, we don’t care how much your profile is worth and we don’t care how some application analyzed your name. The more you flood the wall with these; the more you become a douchebag, so lessen the spam as much as possible, more like around one or two posts a day or better don’t. As for applications that you tried, be sure to remove them on your profile, you can check our little guide on how to remove those unwanted applications.



Don’t just friend anyone you don’t know. This kind of situation gets common nowadays. Some guy/gal suddenly adds you as his/her friend, after checking their account, you found out that your friends have no relation to them. You don’t actually need to accept their request, as there are cases that these people will eventually be the ones who will flood your wall with nonsense posts and annoy you until the end of time, but if you still insists on adding them to your friend list, make sure to send them a message to ask them who they are, or if you are the one who is making the friend request to a complete stranger, try at least to send a message of introducing yourself.


Easy with the Updates. Sometimes people make status updates on their daily activity, sad thing is, they also include things that we don’t need to read. We are not interested on what food you ate for your dinner, what’s on the TV in the morning or how you pooped on your pants. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to post any status messages on your profile, just make sure it is in moderation and more sensible. Oh, and if you sync your Twitter account to Facebook, same rule applies.


Be a responsible User. Quite similar to the tip above, but this time, this applies to everything you post; from pictures to videos to comments. One example is on posting comments on how you hate your job, boss, etc. especially if you added your boss and your co-workers in your network, the same goes with your girlfriend/boyfriend and parents, this is also the same when uploading images, not unless you want to get yourself caught having a party at the very same day you filed for a sick leave in the office or in your class. So the keyword for here is “responsibility”.


Less Cryptic Status Messages please. Some people use cryptic messages on their status updates on what they are thinking, or maybe trying mention someone either in a good or bad way without letting them know. Well sometimes it can be nice to have that poetic touch, but the problem is if it gets frequent and when people asked you if you are okay you tend not to tell them or even why, it makes you more of a loner and pathetic.



Sharing is sometimes not caring. I know everyone wants to share photos with description of something trivial that will help save people or encourage to help a certain person, some examples like  sharing this pic will make this or that donate a penny to a sick kid or a gory pic that mentioned about how this can be saved or prevented blah blah, this can be very annoying and sometime disgusting, especially if a lot of gory pictures flooding your news feed, this really makes you a total douchebag rather than an advocate of righteousness. Before you share that pic; research first about that image to check for it’s credibility, if it is fake then DON’T share it, nobody likes reading false information on their wall, in fact, it can even cause a lot more harm than good.  It’s like spreading fake news that there is an earthquake in your area and you caused people to panic, now that’s lame. As for asking people to share pics to help fight or cure a certain disease or maybe about child abuse, it is more like you’re just shouting “I want to make a difference” but you only did was just standing there and repeatedly saying it the whole time. So instead of sharing those pictures, why not go to a charity foundation and volunteer or donate money and then SHARE how you helped them, sharing the picture won’t cure their sickness or even stop violence.


Stop excessively tagging me! Tagging a friend is one way to say that you are with them on the picture you uploaded, or maybe something to remind them, but be sure to tag them if it is relevant. Some people, especially those with businesses tends to tag any people they want regardless if the people never had any relation to the pic they were tagged, and worse, they tend to tag a gazillion of people in a single image. Seriously it’s annoying, if we like your products; we’ll approached you, if not, stop bugging us, the same goes for tagging us on irrelevant pictures. So it is really nice to tag nicely and lightly.



Don’t just click on anything. Yes, it can be very tempting to click that Miley Cyrus sex scandal on the news feed, but honestly Facebook does not allow pornographic links or even images. So chances are, what you are about to click is a virus. Yes, even Facebook is not exempted to viruses, if your account is infected with a virus; chances are, you are already spreading the virus link to all of your friends; either by private message, posting on their walls, tagging them and many more. And since the virus spread the links to your friends, they will eventually open it and get infected and the now problem gets bigger. So to avoid it, don’t click any suspicious links, even if it came from your very close friend, remember to change your password regularly and block any suspicious posts on your feeds, well unless you want your friends to remember you as the perverted douchebag on Facebook.


Careful what you upload. You had a blast at a party last night, you were so drunk you did something so embarrassing and yet you still uploaded it on your profile and exposed it to all of your friends; instant humiliation. So obviously never, as in never upload any awful and embarrassing pictures (and even videos) of yourself or your friends.


Think before you post. This is rather one of the most important think you should take note of. When commenting and/or posting, you should always remember that whatever you do in Facebook, it reflects on who you are as well as your reputation. Make a racist/sexist comment and people will think differently of you, make a well mannered comment and people will respect you, but sometimes we tend to post something negative during an argument in the thread or maybe making an honest comment but it has negative thoughts on it, just be sure not to be very harsh. And of course, there is the funny yet offending comments/posts, just be sure to comment/post it to the people who will actually get your jokes; otherwise expect a ton of bashing from people who find your post offending.


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