Take Earth Back in Mass Effect 3

Written by Chad

February 10, 2012


In just a few weeks, Mass Effect 3 will finally hit stores as the conclusion to one of the best Sci-Fi RPGs. Bioware updated their official Mass Effect website to show some of the features that you will experience in Mass Effect 3.


Some of the features will include the new Co-Op Missions where you and 3 players can join the war against the invading Reapers, you can choose a variety of classes and races that offers different abilities and play style. And completing Co-Op Missions will greatly affect the outcome of your single player campaign.


Also, you will be able to customize your gear, from every part of your armor to upgrading your weapon parts for more effective damage. Aside from the gears, you can select a desired upgrade in one of your abilities and powers as your level progresses, each upgrade are different so you must choose one that is suitable to your squad.


One of the best part in Mass Effect is the very engaging story and the ability to make decisions that will either reward players with good results or  bad consequences that can affect the outcome of the story, so not every game experience will have the same results.


Get to experience an adrenaline-pumping action in Mass Effect 3, you will be able to command your squad to formulate the best tactical approach in the battlefield ,  you can use some of the unique abilities in the game to gain total control over the battlefield, cover and roll over obstacles to avoid enemy fire.


Get ready to fend off against a horde of different aliens controlled by the Reapers, now enemies will be feature in the game that have different behaviors where you are required to create a different tactical approach in order to defeat them.


While waiting for the full release of Mass Effect 3, you can try the demo that will be available on February 14, 2012, those who purchased Kindgoms of Amalur: Reckoning will be able to acquire a Mass Effect 3 inspired weapon once they completed the ME3 demo.

Mass Effect 3 will be available for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 6 , 2012.


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