[Video] RK Patch Update: New Level Cap, New Dungeons and Maps

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Feb 14, 2012, Washington – US Game publisher GameSamba releases a video showcasing the next update to RK: A much-awaited level-cap increase to level 60 and the opening of a map named Mara.

You can view the full video after the jump.

The patch will open up the level cap from the current limit of Level 52. Along with this, the map, Mara. The patch update is a renewal and a refresh of the old map which was closed down due to underlying issues regarding the chain quests and the issues regarding balancing in this area. (Read more on this issue at the GameSamba Forum). The level cap of 60 was also reduced in the process, for preventing players to enter the map during this time.

They have not specified the exact date of patching yet.

Remnant Knights is an anime-themed game where you play as a student from the magic-loving Dragons or from the science-oriented Owls. You can get the game installer from our site. Register here.

GameSamba is one of the upcoming game publishers in the US, with Realms Online as their biggest games. Remnant Knights is their second game.

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