Mass Effect 3 Pre-Order from Datablitz *Update*

Written by Alex Neri

March 6, 2012

mass effect 3 datablitz pre-order bonus philippines image

Most of us folks who can’t afford the Collector’s Edition (heheheh… I still snicker every time I say that) of Mass Effect 3 opted for the Pre-Order edition, which includes a special printed shirt with ‘N7’ in front. The Pre-Order bonuses were the Argus Rifle and the N7 War Pack.

Getting off office in Makati I walked over to Greenbelt 1, where the Datablitz store I bought it from was located. It was a tiring walk from Burgundy Tower, but a very exciting one.

Once in the store you’d notice that there was a quite long queue. Fellow N7 comrades, I guess?

mass effect 3 datablitz pre-order bonus philippines image long line

There were still players who purchased something other than Mass Effect 3; this just meant that the line was for the cashier to process purchases in the store. Yep, no separate line for Pre-Orders.

The package will be given you once you hand in over your pre-order slip, and the attendant will open your CD case and show you the backs of the game CDs for you to check and inspect that there are no scratches. At least this is one less of a step in case the CD has scratches on them.

mass effect 3 datablitz pre-order bonus philippines image shirt

I ran out of Small-sized shirts, and they only have Large ones. Who’s willing to swap with me?

I got the PC version of Mass Effect 3, and then proceeded to go home, with a really huge grin on my face.

I plopped down, setup my computer and inserted the CD.

*NOTE: Do not launch your Origin client before inserting the installation CD—for some reason the Origin Client doesn’t proceed with the activation key phase once you click on the [Install] button of the Autorun.*

Once installed, the game updated with a 70MB patch (which actually contains the DLC, IF you entered your redemption code).

So yeah, sleep, I think I’ll be missing you more hours than ever for the next few weeks.

*EDIT: It slipped past by me, but when you open and flip over the CD case, there’s a cover for the Female Shepard! How cool is that?





Chad here, ok I managed to get my copy of Mass Effect 3 for the PC, while I’m waiting at Data Blitz in Podium, one of the staff mentioned that they also have the N7 Edition, and she was kind enough to show it to me so I can take some pictures. The N7 Edition costs PhP 3395, this for the PlayStation 3 (Region 1), the PC version of this copy is still unavailable but it ranges from around PhP 3,000 once it hits the stores.



For details on the contents of the Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition, check out this video:


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  1. John

    Did you happen to know how much the N7 edition is? And how much is the retail price? It really annoyed me that I had to wait the whole day, and only for the items to arrive at night (when I’m already home).

    • Alex

      Hi John,

      Unfortunately, there wasn’t any mention of an N7 edition by the time I queued up for my pre-order. Were you informed of a pre-order option with Datablitz?

      As far as I know, ordering from abroad is the only option to get the N7 or the Collector’s Editon.


    • Alex

      Hi John,

      The PC Version of the N7 Edition is around Php3000 and apparently just arrived now. The PS3 is around Php4000 (more or less 3900).

      Chad updated the post above.



  2. Random Guy

    While surfing for possible D3 datablitz pre-orders, I came across your site. Are you serious about the shirt swapping? I got a Medium N7 shirt (not small, sorry). Already had it washed but I still haven’t used it (just tried it on for fitting purposes). Kinda small for me. Should’ve gotten large. Hit me up at if you’re interested. I also got mine at GB1 so perhaps we can arrange a meet-up there.

    • Alex

      Interesting! Sent you an email. 😀

  3. Ian

    I have a spare N7 copy for the PS3 for anyone still wanting to buy. Never been used, only opened to check for the contents. Unfortunately, the pre-order bonuses won’t work for it – according to the sales lady from the Festival Mall branch, it something to do with compatibility issues, with the redemption code being for Region 1 and the discs being for Southeast Asia (sorry, not really familiar with PS3!). I’m selling it for 3k for anyone interested. Just send me an email.


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