Written by Alex Neri

March 30, 2012


BioWare’s multiplayer weekend comes back again with Operation Raptor. This time around we’ve got a different set of goals for this weekend, which are:

Allied Goal: Promote 150,000 characters. Victory Packs awarded to all players upon successful completion.
Individual Goal: Promote 2 characters. Commendation Pack awarded to individual players upon successful completion.

The rewards, too, are two-fold: complete one of the goals and you’ll get the reward for each. You can complete the Allied goal and get the Victory pack and not complete the Individual Goal; and vice-versa.

The packs will be given out once the conditions are met. You’ll only need to make sure that the “Upload Gameplay Feedback” is set to “on” in the online options so you can participate in Operation RAPTOR.

I don’t know what is contained in these packs, but I’m hell sure that these will be a wonderful boost to my stable of characters and armory. What I’m gunning for now is the Black Widow.

Anyway, this event seems to open for PC and XBox360 players, as the PSN is still being roadblocked for participation. I wonder what is stopping them from implementing the event (or maybe the integration of the PSN with Sony Online thing is still ongoing?).

So, who’s with me? Add me up on Origin (ID: Arrhius) and let’s kick some reaper ass this weekend.

Keep us posted.

Alex out.

(You can view the original announcement in the Bioware Blog.)

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