Leaked info on new Playstation 4

Written by Chad

April 5, 2012


There were already rumors that Sony is already developing the next successor to the PlayStation 3, and it has revealed that there was a leaked source that was posted by Kotaku telling some details on features that will be in the next gen console.

The console will be codenamed “Orbis” which is a Latin word for circle or ring, this is supposed to have a scheduled Holiday release in 2013.  It will also utilized an AMD  A8-3850 APU; which has a 2.9 GHz quad-core processor and an intergrated  Radeon HD 6550D graphic chip. They will now replaced the Cell processor they used for the PS3 with an AMD chipset, along with APU, the Orbiz will have the HD 7670 dedicated GPU, which has a clock speed of 1GHz and 1GB of VRAM and it is DirectX 11 enabled. The source also claimed that the GPU can run games in 4096×2160 resolution, which means all games are now displayed in 1080p format.

Aside from the console specs, the source stated that the PlayStation Orbis will have no backwards compatibility, in other words, you cannot play you PlayStation 3 discs on the Orbis. Aside from that, there will be restrictions on second-hand games, as any newly purchased games once inserted to the console will automatically tied to their PSN account and making the game disc unable to be used to other Orbis consoles.

Another new info revealed along with concept sketches showing a feature that uses a webcam and a smartphone, a feature possibly similar that from the DanceStarl and SingStar games. although the information is still vague as the images were taken down immediately after the leakage.

It is still unsure if these information are accurate as the people at Sony don’t comment on rumors and speculations, so it would be better to take these info with a grain of salt and wait for the official confirmation from Sony themselves.


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