Rock Band Blitz goes Old School


It’s been quite some time since Harmonix released a new one for their hit music-rhythm game Rock Band. The previous game; Rock Band 3 was released last October of 2010. Now the team is releasing a new game for their hit franchise for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Dubbed as Rock Band Blitz, and they going back to basics. Instead of using plastic guitars and drums to play Rock Band, all you need now is your plain old game controllers. The gameplay has that mix of their previous rhythm games Frequency, Amplitude and Rock Band Unplugged where you match the right notes on a certain track that scrolls these notes downwards and you can change to a different track once you maxed out the multiplier on your current track.



And best of all, Rock Band Blitz will also be able to play any music tracks from your old Rock Band games that are saved on your console. Rock Band Blitz will be available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on Summer 2012.

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