Unleash The Battle: The BenQ Gaming Monitor Challenge Event Aftermath

Written by Chad

May 7, 2012


Digital lifestyle leading provider BenQ held a special media event to showcase their newest line of game monitors at Mineski Infinity at Katipunan last April 27, 2012.

Entitled Unleash The Battle, BenQ invited the media and bloggers to take part of the challenge by participating in two tournaments: Counterstrike: Source and Starcraft II, they also presented the two gaming monitors; the RL2450H and  XL2420T.

The RL2450H is suited more for the Real Time Strategy (RTS) games as this monitor features Black eQualizer (where dark colored areas are brightened without over-exposing the bright areas in the screen) , Display mode,  Smart Scaling , RTS mode (preset optimized for RTS gaming experience) and 2ms GTG response time (improving details on fast moving animations). The XL2420T on the other hand, is more on the First Person Shooter (FPS) games, it also features the Black eQualizer, Display mode, Smart Scaling and 2ms GTG, some features unique to the XL2420T are the S mode (preset for FPS gameplay), Game Mode Loader (able to download and install presets optimized for specific games), 3D support, 120hz refresh rate and the S Switch (wired controller for easy access in changing presets and settings).

Country Manager for the Philippines Eric Wei, Business Line Manager for LCDM Allen Wu and Product Manager Chris Lin were present during the event to explain how some of the features work including the Black eQulaizer and the S Switch.

You can check out our video for the demonstration and pictures of the event.




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