PlayStation Vita Gets a Crystal White and Hatsune Miku Version


To continue the tradition of releasing other colored versions of their consoles, Sony is releasing the Crystal White variant of the PlayStation Vita.

The PlayStation Vita Crystal White (PCH-1100 AB02) version will still be the same from the original black variant of the PS Vita and it will be sold at the same price as as well. It will be sold with the same package that from the original for 29,980 yen for the 3G version and 24,980 yen for the Wi-Fi only version. It is scheduled to release on June 28.

Also, Sony is launching a special Hatsune Miku version of the PS Vita as a limited edition package. The bundle will include the PS Vita unit, 4 GB memory card, USB cable, AC adaptor plus an augmented-reality card and screen-protector with a Hatsune Miku design as well as the Next Hatsune Miku Project Diva game. The package is priced at 39,980-yen (3G) and 34,980 yen (Wi-Fi only) and it will be available on August 30.



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