Diablo III is Out!


Yep it’s May 15 and we what that means, it”s the launch day for Diablo III. Fans have waited for this RPG for a decade now and let’s see how the Pinoy fans are doing during the release day.




We stumbled at Datablitz at the Podium in Ortigas in the afternoon to check out how many people are preparing to buy the game, and it turns out that some people are already at the store waiting in line to get their hands at the game. The management at Datablitz in Podium were kind enough to let us take some photos of people lining up to buy Diablo III.

Next we checked the people at the SM Megamall in the evening, and there are a lot of people in line just to buy the game, and for some weird reasons, the management there does not allow photos at the store, well too bad for that.

Well anyway we heard some news that the Diablo III servers are having problems due to the enormous amount of players logging in simultaneously, as a result players are receiving an Error 37 message whenever they try to access the game.

source: kotaku

Another issue is a discovered bug where if you equip a specific shield to your Templar follower, you will encounter an Error 3006 message and boot you out of the game, and the worst part, you can’t return to the game until Blizzard release a patch to fix the problem. *edit: this only happens to Demon Hunter users

Best advise for players is to be more patient for the bugs to be fixed and for servers to be stable, or better wait for a few more days before you play the game, but then again after 12 years of waiting, can you guys resist waiting for a few more days to experience a better game?



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    • last visit ko ng Datablitz sa Megamall last week may stock pa sila, at PhP 3125 ung game, kung wala nang stock, try mo sa Podium or Shangri La

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