Maple Story SEA Legends Launch Event Aftermath

Written by Chad

May 23, 2012


Asiasoft Online was responsible for bringing the popular 2D MMORPG Maple Story to Southeast Asia as well in the Philippines announced that they will be introducing the Legends patch (which will be the first patch release to the Philippines) for Maple Story. This was held last May 3, 2012 at Be Connected, Greenbelt 1, Makati.


The latest patch will bring new quests, three whole new character classes and an improved user interface.

The Legends patch will composed of four parts and they will be released in the following:

  • Legends – Prelude (released on April 5)
  • Legends – Cannon Shooter (released on May 14)
  • Legends – Mercedes (release on May 30)
  • Legends – Demon Slayer (release on July)


The new character classes will bring a new kind of gaming experience for the Maple Story players, let’s take a look at the descriptions of the three:

Cannon Shooter

  • Uses a Hand Cannon as a main weapon.
  • Has a monkey that follow him, it can provide quests, job advancement information and is linked to some of the Cannon Shooter’s skills.



  •  She is a Hero type class.
  • You can pick a different gender for the Mercedes class.
  • She uses a new special weapon called the Dual Bow Gun and an off-hand weapon called the Mercedes Arrow.
  • She only has a second job advancement at level 30, when reaching level 10, 70 and 120, the advancement will be implemented automatically without taking any advancement quests.
  • You can use the Pegasus mounts that can be obtain at levels 70 and 120.


Demon Slayer

  • He is the first dark Maple Story character .
  • He can equip any Warrior type equipments.
  • His primary stats is STR and the secondary is DEX.
  • He uses Demon Fury (DF) to use his skills instead of the traditional MP.
  • He cannot use potions to recover life, he can regenerate his life as times passes by or by attacking enemies and absorbing their life force.
  • No gender lock for the Demon Slayer
  • Uses a one-hand Axe or Blunt weapon and a unique item called the Force Shield.
  • Can customize with different face paints.
  • Can use Demons Wings at levels 30 and 120.




We tried testing the new characters during the launch event and we find it really interesting. The Cannon Shooter felt like an ordinary range character at first, but once you use your cannon while jumping to increase your jumping height, it felt like like those classic platform games, and along with the cool skills like the one where you can summon a massive ship to rain havoc.

Next is the Mercedes, playing as this character reminds me more of Devil May Cry, as she can do aerial attacks and skills as well as doing a launching attack skills where you can make a combo in midair.

And finally for the Demon Slayer, it has that Warrior feel to it as you can gain Demon Fury points by attacking, and using his dash move can damage any monster from it’s path, as well as the ability to absorb life from enemies you attacked.




It’s interesting to see despite after being release more than five years ago, Maplestory still have a large community and they still new content up to this day.

For more details on the game, visit their official website at



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