Sapphire HD 7000 Series Product Launch

Written by Chad

May 30, 2012


Leading manufacturer and global supplier of graphic cards Sapphire just held a product launch for their newest line of Radeon HD 7000 series last May 15, 2012 at Yakimix, Podium branch.

Bloggers were invited to witness the latest line of the best graphics card Sapphire has to offer, there was a PC on-site to demonstrate the power of the Radeon graphics card (they used Crysis 2 for their demo with all settings at max), attendees can also test the game to experience the product’s sheer power.

The following are the model of 7000 series video cards that were released by Sapphire:

  • HD 7970 OC
  • HD 7950 OC
  • HD 7950
  • HD 7870 OC
  • HD 7850 OC
  • HD 7770 OC
  • HD 7750 OC
  • HD 7750 Ultimate


Also during the product launch, they introduced Roccat; the German manufacturer of gaming hardware and accessories. The short presentation showcased the newest line of gaming mice, keyboards and headsets that will be available in the local market.

Some of the peripherals that are on display were the Savu gaming mouse, Isku keyboard, Aspuri USB docking hub and the Kulo 7.1 surround gaming headset.


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