CM Storm FGW Takes 2nd Place in the Recently Concluded International Point Blank Tournament

Written by Chad

June 1, 2012



CM Storm FGW won 2nd place at Point Blank International Competition 2012 at Indonesia last May 26-27. Beating 9 other teams (Indonesia has 2 teams) from 8 countries and ending their run at 2nd place after a close match between Team Indonesia. The team not only took home USD10,000 but also the right to claim they can dance with the big boys.

The competition was not a walk in the part specially when last year’s Champion, Thailand defeated CM Storm FGW during the early stages of the tournament. But CM Storm FGW showed grit and mettle by consistently eliminating all other teams that came across their path. With determination and team play the likes only one can see in real life Seal Teams, they gave no chance for their opponents to react. Bottlenecking most of their competition to mere newbie scores.


Thailand def. Philippines 10-5
Philippines def. Italy 10-1
Philippines def. USA 10-2
Philippines def. Russia 10-6


Then the final 4 teams.

  • Indonesia1
  • Indonesia2
  • Russia
  • Philippines


CM Storm FGW (or FGW CM Storm) is powered by Coolermaster’s gaming gear, CM Storm. it’s arsenal includes gaming chassis, mechanical keyboards, 5.1 headsets, gaming mouse and pads.


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