Back2Gaming x Reimaru Files Tournament Prizes

Written by Chad

June 14, 2012


Toycon 2012 is only a day away, Back2Gaming and Reimaru Files are teaming up to give you one good reason to attend the event, and that is awesome prizes.

For the rundown of activities on our booth (we are near the Hall 2 entrance by the way, *we will update you on the exact location once we get the final confirmation), be sure to check Back2Gaming’s post. Now here’re the prizes the winners will get when they win the two tournaments that we will be hosting:


Saturday Event

Back2Beatdown: 2nd Impact (Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Tournament)

Winner gets the Nendoroid Homura Akemi figure


Sunday Event

Reimaru Files: War Crimes 101 (Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Tournament)

Winner gets the 1/144 Real Grade Strike Gundam model kit


By the way, we are also giving away free Ragnarok Online Episode 25 DVD installers, we have limited stocks so be sure to grab one earlier.




Okay we got some new stuff  to add as prizes on Toycon 2012, we will be giving away two manga tutorial books, one manga and one artbook. We will also be hosting a third and special tournament on Sunday.

Trivia Contest (Saturday and Sunday)

There will be a trivia contest, last man standing style. The winner gets a Let’s Draw Manga: Transforming Robots book.

Cosplay Fighting Tournament (Sunday)

  • Participants should be a female cosplayer (they should be cosplaying a character from an anime, video game, movie, literature, etc.).
  • The video game for the tournament will be revealed on Sunday
  • They should be wearing their costume while competing in the tournament (helmets, masks can be removed to avoid obstructions on their vision while competing).

The winner will receive a Tony Taka: Tony’s Artworks from Shining World artbook.



Take note that these are original products, not bootlegs.

The prizes and tournament games are subject to change until Friday, June 15, 2012.


See you guys at Toycon 2012 and have fun 😉

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  1. Jkuc

    Sali po dyan si Sir BM! Lam ko po mahilig un sa anime

  2. Jkuc

    *I think

  3. Chad

    update on the additional prizes and new tournament


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