Luminary: Rise of Goonzu June Update

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June 19, 2012

Ndoors Interactive Team had a surprise to all Luminarians this Month of June by subscribing the newsletter.


Players who received the newsletter will be given a unique code that will entitle them to join the Lottery event,

In the event of there are no winners, the rewards will be carried over for the next lottery schedule!

So check your e-mail and join!

Event Duration: June 10 EST (release of newsletter) to June 27, 2012 (23:00PDT)



1. Players who have acquired the Monthly newsletter will be given a code that will entitle them for the event.
2. When the code is received from the newsletter player will need to send a ticket with the title Newsletter Lotto
3. Players must Choice 4 sets of number from 1 to 40 for his/her lottery number.
4.  Ticket must be composed of this information:

  • Code:
  • Lottery Number:
  • IGN:
  • Server:

5. Tickets must be sent to
6. A fee of 1 Silver key must be sent to the GM and must be confirmed for registration fee
7. If the Lucky winning numbers are not registered to any player the Prize for this month will be carried over for the next month.


  • June: Viking Raider Set = No Winners (Prize will be carried over Next month)
  • July: KYOJIN DOLL (hehehe) & Viking Raider Set = No Winners (Prize will be carried over Next month)
  • August: So on and So forth . . . . .



Viking Raider Set

Harness the power of the Norse warriors, enter the vast icy land of the north and pillage villages with your awesome and barbaric look with the new Viking Costume.


Adds additional 135 to Random Stats

Adds +14~18 Additional Skill points

Set Effect

Complete Set (HP+15% and MP+15%)


Viking Raider Set


Luck + 40

Dex + 20

Vit + 20


Coonie’s Abilities

Increase drop rate of Book related items

Chance to increase in Manu time during Manu

Chance to increase Manu exp during ManuChance to prevent hunger during Manu

Chance to heal a organ during Manu

Chance to have a 100% success rate during Manu


9th Lab Secret Chamber


Get ready for a new Challenge, Dr. Stein has released his greatest creations let’s stop this abomination before it wreak havoc to others.

1st Chamber

  Great Mage Level 125 – Water Attack

 Angry Antelope Level 127 – Fire Attack

2nd Chamber

 Yarn Level 130 – Water Attack

 Wolf Hunter Level 133 – Fire Attack


3rd Chamber

 Laurel Warrior Level 135 – Fire Attack

  White Tiger Level 137 -Water Attack

  BOSS* Snowy Headed Sphinx Level 140 – Water Attack


Summer Event

Wishing Paper Guide


1) The system event starts once the Town chief sets up the bamboos in the middle of the top portion of the town.

The players will need wishing paper to contribute to the bamboo. The wishing paper can be obtained through killing mobs.

2) Once the players click the bamboo this window will appear.

3) If there were players that already donated some of the wishing paper it will appear in the red square. You need to check how many more is needed for you to get so that the bamboo will be completed. The minimum amount of wishing paper to be given must be more than 500 to be accepted for upgrading the bamboo.

4) Once the wishing papers are obtained players must donate them to the bamboo. The amount must be input in this area.

6) Once the amount of wishing paper has been fulfilled it will give a buff according to the wish that was selected the list is as follows:

7) There will also be a buff icon on top of the screen showing the buff you have acquired.



To download Full client go to:

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