Okami gets an HD Release


Capcom‘s PlayStation 2 classic game Okami is now heading to the PlayStation 3. The highly acclaimed Okami game will get a HD makeover and it will be available on the PlayStation Network.

Ready your Celestial Brush as you control the sun goddess turned wolf Amaterasu on her journey to restore the world to its former glory and defeat the demon Orochi who turned the world into a wasteland.

The game will feature a 16:9 aspect ratio and High Definition graphics for players to fully experience the impressive ink art style graphics of the game. Another addition to the remake is that it now supports the PlayStation Move when controlling the Celestial Brush, and achievement hunters will be delighted with this one as over 50 trophies to unlock.

Okami HD will arrived on the PSN this fall in America and Europe with a price tag of $20.


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