Athene – Raising over $1 million for ShareCraft 2012

Professional online gamer “Athene” has raised over $1 million in charitable contributions for ShareCraft 2012 Save the Children Challenge, a crowdfunding campaign seeking donations to help those affected by the hunger epidemic in the Horn of Africa due to the worst hunger crisis in 60 years.   Athene is utilizing the internet and the universal power of gaming to make an impact for this worthy cause.  With 10 days still remaining in the planned fund drive, the gamer and his sponsor, Razer—the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware—are optimistic for significantly higher results for the ShareCraft-enabled philanthropy.

Through his passion and commitment, Athene has inspired his fans, followers and the gaming community at-large to surpass his goal of raising $1 million, with 90% of those donations going directly to those fighting to survive the worst hunger crisis in the past 60 years.  DC Entertainment pledged to match 100% of the donations up to $1 million, which accounts for approximately half of the running total.

The considerable dollar amount garnered through Athene and Razer’s collaborative effort underscores the relevance of online gaming as a global phenomenon and demonstrates  the collective power of gamers as catalysts of positive social change.


One as they hit the $1mil mark:


Talking about the charity:


Talking about his hunger strike to gain attention for his charity:


Rewarding a fan with Razer gear over Skype:


From the CEO of Save the Children:

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