Apacer “Black Panther Series” Magnificent Debut of 8GB DDR3-1600 Overclocking Memory Module

Written by Chad

July 24, 2012


ApacerBlack Panther Series” introduces the single 8GB DDR3-1600 high-capacity overclocking memory module, equipped with 1.5V low voltage design and low CAS latency of CL10-10-10-28. With a combination of high clock rate, huge capacity, low voltage and low latency, “Black Panther Series” is perfect for overclocking enthusiasts, computer graphic experts as well as advanced users of HD content editing.

8GB DDR3-1600 overclocking memory module of “Black Panther Series” adopts the 512Mbx8 chips with advanced 3xnm process and features high efficiency and low power consumption. It can support the latest Intel Ivy Bridge Z77 and H77 chips and can be backward compatible with the platforms such as Intel X79, Z68 and P67. Whichever platform a player uses to build a system, he/she can fully enjoy the unequaled experience from the high-capacity memory. Besides, “Black Panther Series” supports the latest Intel XMP1.3 and enables the overclocking to be easier. Thus, thanks to XMP overclocking mode, even the starter of overclocking player can achieve top overclocking performance as that of the professional player.


Apacer “Black Panther Series” adopts exclusively designed 3D heat spreader on which the fin-like protrusions can effectively transmit heat generated by the memory chip to each protrusion. Besides, the design of heat spreader in standard height can help to avoid the problem of mechanism interference between the heat spreader and the large CPU cooler. These strengths allow the Black Panther series to maintain outstanding stability and overclocking performance.


Apacer’s Black Panther series memory has launched the DDR3-1600 specification, offering 8GB and 16GB Kit (8GBX2) dual-channel kit. Thanks to its cost-effectiveness and reasonable price, overclocking is no longer out of reach!


8GB DDR-1600 Memory Module Specification of Apacer Black Panther Series

Data Rate









16GB Kit (8GBx2)




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