Luminary: Rise of Goonzu July Update

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July 24, 2012


Góðan daginn, Luminarians!

This July, two new majestic creatures will be joining the world of Luminary that will surely make your adventures more fun and exciting! This month, let the skies be filled with dragons and let the land tremble from the roars of ferocious tigers!


As a tiger cub, don’t let his adorable eyes fool you, this tiger grows up into a majestic adult! Strong, fierce, and loyal, Rakshasa is a companion you’ll surely want to have with you on your journeys




STR 215

VIT 165

AGI 65

DEX 90

INT 90

WIS 40





Type: Mount

With his long horns and sharp teeth, Knucker Dragon might startle you but have no fear, he’s a loyal dragon that is always there whenever you need a lift, quite literally!


SDP 21

STR 205

DEX 205

WIS 200

Hp 205

Attack 255

Duration: Unlimited



Lo and behold, there is now a pass that can let you fight stronger monsters and explore more exciting dungeons! As well as a spirit that can give you better experience points and different buffs! Head on over to the Item Mall to check them out. These items are surely a must for passionate adventure-seekers!Stats:

Available Buffs: Drop rate: hunting 150% – 500%Manufacturing: EXP 150% – 500%Hunting: EXP50% – 300%Attack and Defense: up 10% – 50%Magical Attack: 50% – 100%Duration: gives random buff for 20 minutes




◊ July Lotto – As much as we want to test your luck this month, the Luminary Lotto has been postponed. Fortunately, there are other events prepared this month for you to enjoy~!


◊ Quiz Quiz Event – Guess the correct item being described!


◊ Relay Event – Form two teams and test your teamwork skills!


◊ Mind Reader – Guess the correct item being described in an ad!



Please visit our official forum for more details:


Rakshasa Summon Pet and Knucker Dragon Mount

Adventurer’s Spirit and Pass

July Events

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