The Hunger Games Cosplay Tribute!


The craze over The Hunger Games is now being revived. On August 18, 2012, the world’s most-awaited home video release this franchise will hit the Philippines. In line with this, C-Interactive Digital Entertainment will hold a grand launch at SM Megamall on August 25, 2012.

The event will be highlighted by no less than a Cosplay which will be entitled “The Hunger Games Cosplay Tribute”, in reference to the term used for the contestants of this fictional competition derived from the bestselling novel. To ensure success of this activity, we are inviting your group and members to join The Hunger Games Cosplay Tribute Contest.

Be Katniss, Peeta or Gale or any of your favorite Hunger Games Character. Win cash prize and other giveaways.. It will be worth your while. Please see mechanics

Simultaneous to the Cosplay is a press launch for the DVD, Blu-ray and VCD release of Hunger Games.


To register please click the link that follows –>
or for inquiries you may call 374-76-93, 373-47-60 or email us at

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