Rakion Still Going Strong

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August 1, 2012


Rakion is the first online PvP game of its kind to feature epic sword battles and heart-thumping action face to face. Play as one of five powerful classes, and strive to be the best!

Rakion is an online “strategy action game”. Like any good console games, Rakion delivers video game quality action. Softnyx is the developer and publisher of the Action MMO, the game was release last March 2005 in Korea and then on October for the international players. It’s already been 7 years and Rakion is still going strong. Let’s take a look on the features and characters of the game.




Rakion has 5 different classes to choose from:

Swordsman is the core in the battle and the strongest man at close quarter combat. Nobody can find his weak point at the battle if he is yielding a sharpened sword and equipping a firm armor. There are two types of swords man.

One is disciplining himself to improve his skills and the other is combat with creature, using the Cell Points.

In early times, archers formed as a group and had a role in long range attacks. But after creatures appeared, they accustomed to do more of approaching attacks. They equip middle size sword because of their light weight

Blacksmiths used to make armors and weapons until the time of the cell arrived. Now they try to collect and trim the cell as much as they can. They are a little bit slow but they are the strongest class in this game.

The blacksmiths are accustomed at killing creatures and collecting cells, so they are not afraid of the creature that roams in the battle field.

Ninja is an female assassin. She can approach the enemy quickly but silently. She is dispatched to continent to discover the secret of the cell.

Mages think that the world is a struggling place for mages since the cells are introduced. People use cell frequently rather than Magic because of Its easiness.

They specialized in the magic against the cell.

They are backing-up combat style mages.

They are more skilled at defending themselves rather than giving damage to your enemy.

They can weaken your enemy and make your creature stronger at same time.


Game Features:

Fantasy action 3D online game – Rakion sets the battle in the fantasy realm, where magic is prevalent and sword skills are of utmost importance.


Chaos System – completely unique to Rakion is the Chaos System, where you can transform into a much powerful entity for a short period of time.


Clan system – Clan is an organization of users who come together with similar ideals, beliefs or interests.

Unlike before, clan management is in-game now. You can add, invite and manage your clan while in-game. No need to press alt+tab and open a browser.


Clan mark – gives your clan a distinct mark or feature from the rest.

Choose your desired background and image


Class advancement system – once you reached level 99, you have an option to either class advance or not. Of course you must meet the required requirements first. Upon class advancement, your character icon change and weapons too.


Unique Enchant System

Normal enchant – Lets you enchant your items by 1 level per success. You can use catalyzers to raise its success rate

Dissolve and roll function – Lets you dissolve items and convert them to roll points


Roll – Gives you random enchants on any desired items. If lucky enough you can enchant your item to +20.


Cell System – summon cell creature’s in-game to further boost your attack. Different creatures also have different abilities so it is up to decide which best to use.


Exciting game modes – pick a game mode to play with your friends. You can either do team-based death matches even do PvE with stage modes.




Rakion is also opening an event for beginners, the event will start on August 6 and ends on September 3, 2012.

Beginners will receive the ‘Beginners package’ upon registering. Not only new players will receive free items but old players too! They will be giving out free stage reset.

Also they will be releasing 3 new items. So prepare yourselves for an awesome event coming this August!


To watch more rakion videos please visit rakion’s official youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/SoftnyxRakionInt

Like us on facebook http://www.facebook.com/Rakion


For more information on Rakion, please visit http://Rakion.softnyx.net/Default.aspx

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