Celebrate Gunbound’s Tenth Anniversary

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August 26, 2012


Ever wonder how many online games that are still alive and kicking for over 10 years? Everything change as time goes by, this also applies with the trend of the MMO market as more sensational and awesome games are entering the scene.

Well among them was Gunboud, which has survived the MMO war as one of the great casual games for 10 years. With over 300,000 players are still enjoying Gunbound, this proved that they are one of the best and enjoyable MMO game.


Online Shooting Game, “GunBound” Easy, Familiar and Fun

Gunbound is a game that features intense battles among one-seater weapons called “Mobile” and battlefield is set on the planet “Lond” which has 7 moons. There are about 30 mobiles that are unique and optimized to each regions of Lond. Your avatar gets to pilot one of these  “Mobiles” and try to eliminate your opponents.

Gunbound is pretty simple and very fun to play. Pressing and releasing the Space bar lets you control the strength of your projectile attacks. You won’t be having any trouble learning how to play. Also, playing with a low to mid PC specifications will not be that big deal when you are playing this game, as this game does not render “heavy” graphics.

With its charming mobiles, avatars and user interface, these are some of the great points to really enjoy this game.

But let’s not forget the impressive strategic plays! Different angles, winds and moon disks for each map plus the various features of the mobiles will give you various tactics in winning the game and it will be in your hands on how you will utilize these strategies.

Learn to master and combine the unique abilities of your avatars, mobiles and pets, you will be the one of the best players of Gunbound.



Jumping up to the next stage

Gunbound Season 3 gears up to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Starting with the BGM update that was released on Aug. 7th and the 2nd update was scheduled on Aug. 21st. New image logo and icons for the new season was also released!! Also, in-game UI was revamped to make it more attractive!

This is not the end, of course. The new “Team Battle” server is also scheduled for release! A new story arc for the confrontation between Observador and Dark Observador will be included in the update. This will going to be a great experience for this grand update.

Furthermore, more amusing game events (scheduled on Aug. 7 to Sep. 4) are prepared to celebrate for the new start of Season 3. So don’t hesitate to join this new start and become a Gunbound player.


For more information about Gundbound, visit their official website at http://gunbound.softnyx.ph/

Don’t forget to like their official Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Softnyx.Gunbound

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