Luminary: Rise of Goonzu August Update

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August 26, 2012




Be enchanted by nature!

Time to take a step back and let your skills flourish~! August is the month to let our love for nature grow. Let lush greenery soothe your worries and revitalize your skills in Luminary! Let’s take a stroll over this month’s updates together, shall we?


Looking for a way to upgrade your attributes? Gaia’s Cloak might just be the item you are looking for. Grab the opportunity to let your stat attributes thrive this month!



Defense: 320

Chooses two (2) random stat attributes to give +85

When the new UI button is activated:

Increases 20% rate to critical attacks

Duration: 5 minutes

Cool down: 10 minutes



Taking a seat on this cushion will surely rejuvenate your capabilities. With this month’s rare item, recovery will be a breeze and be able to teleport back to Hanyang with ease!



100 HP Recovery every 5 seconds

100 MP Recovery every 5 seconds

1 random organ recovers 2-8 points every 30 seconds

Reduces 3 points fullness every 30 seconds

Repels Monsters

Allows teleport to Hanyang Castle

Summon 50 HP/MP Recovery every 5 seconds

Additional 50% organ recovery bonus during food intake

Rest energy recovers 1 point every minute


Adds 30% Experience Resting Gauges


Gives 4000 extra points in Mini Game



After your skills have been rejuvenated, how about we put them to test? Have a go at August’s feature event; the Luminary Guild Match! A guild vs. guild weekend event to commemorate the heroes of the past GoonZus. Show off your skills and make your guild proud! Winners will get to participate in the final round on GoonZu Weekend. 1000 GCoins and more prizes await the members of the Champion guild per server!

Registration Schedules:

August 11 (Saturday) – Zeus Server 10:00 PM PDT, Hera Server 9:00 PM PDT, Athena Server 8:00 PM PDT

August 17 (Friday) – The registration will last until Friday 23:00 PDT. All interested guilds in each server must submit their registration through tickets to be included in the list.

Bonuses: Hunting and manufacturing experiences

Guild Match Schedules:

August 12 (Sunday) – Zeus Server 10:00 PM PDT, Hera Server 9:00 PM PDT, Athena 8:00 PM PDT

August 18 (Saturday) – Zeus Server 20: 00 PM PDT, Hera Server 19:00 PM PDT, Athena 18:00 PM PDT

Bonuses: Hunting and manufacturing experiences

Goonzu Weekend Final Round:

August 25 (Saturday) – August 26 (Sunday)



Hide and Seek

Where is GMVelvetine? Could she be somewhere frolicking in the forest? Try to spot our GM in Luminary and receive prizes!

Copy the Code

Chat emoticons carry lots of different meanings. But now they can also mean getting prizes! Test your photographic memory skills and give this event a shot!

Guess What

How much do you trust your instinct? Guess the true gender identity of players under time pressure and win a prize!



Some things to cheer you up this weekend are three great item rares that you can purchase with a free corresponding item!

Last week’s promo:

Dragon Doll + item: Health-Up Crystal) = 1000 Gcoins

Husky Doll + item: Strength-Up Crystal = 1200 Gcoins

Collie Rudolph Medal + Luck-Up Crystal = 1200 Gcoins

Keep posted in the forums for the promotions this week!



New seasons mean new beginnings. It is that time of the year once again to decide who is worthy of carrying the title of GoonZu! Who will be the new ruler of the world of Luminary this season? Let’s cast our vote and find out!

Please visit our official forum for more details: Forest Cushion & Gaia’s Cloak

GoonZu Election Season 24

Guild Match!

Daily Events

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