Luminary: Rise of Goonzu September Update

Written by Chad

September 12, 2012



‘Matsuri’ (祭り) means ‘festival’ in Japanese. Let’s bring out the firecrackers and cotton candy this September because Luminary is going to celebrate the summer season in Japanese Festival style! Invite your friends and get ready for a colorful September!



Mark your weekends this September and prepare to slay strong monsters! Luminary gives you the chance to boost your playing level this month! To help you with this feat, we have promotions and bonuses for you to enjoy!


Dungeon Raid

Players Level 1-100, it’s time for a late summer workout! Before joining the festivities, gear up and trek to the Ninth Lab Study Room for the Dungeon Raid Event!

Requirements: Player Lvl 1-100, Adventurer’s Pass, Item Mall


Monster Invasion

For players who are Level 101 or higher, worry not! You can slay to your heart’s content as well. But this time, you won’t need to find the monsters because the monsters will come looking for you! Hang around at the GM Map and prepare for the Monster Invasion!

Requirements: Player Lvl 101 or higher, Adventurer’s Spirit


Beat the Code

Last month’s Copy the Code makes a comeback this September! This time with an

added challenge for double the bid! Are your memory skills ready?

Requirements: If you lose, you need Raccoon Candy to try again!



Summer Matsuri Week


Rainbow Sheep Mount

Evenings are usually greeted with fireworks during Japanese summer festivals. The burst of colors in the sky never fails to make people smile. Luminary’s new colorful mount, Rainbow Sheep, is here to share happy moments with you as well! Whether it’s Shiro Rainbow Sheep or Kuro Rainbow sheep, these fluffy companions can’t wait to spend their summer with you!


Kuro Rainbow SheepStats: Speed – 21

Agility – 200

Wis – 200

Int – 205

HP – 205

Shiro Rainbow SheepStats: Speed – 21

Strength – 205

Dexterity – 200

Agility – 200

HP – 205

Physical Attack – +255


Summer Matsuri Random Box

Dressing up for the occasion is very common when attending summer festivals in Japan. Well Luminary has come prepared as well! This month, visit the Item Mall and give your outfit a make-over with the Summer Matsuri Random Box!


Give your stats a boost when you wear the Summer Matsuri Happi (outfit) and Hachimaki (head accessory). Now joining the summer festivities can really begin!


Summer Matsuri Happi

+137 to stats chosen at random: strength, agility, intelligence, dexterity, luck, HP +14-18 to skills chosen at random

Summer Matsuri Hachimaki

+137 to stats chosen at random: strength, agility, intelligence, dexterity, luck, HP+14-18 to skills chosen at random



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Catch new items at the Item Mall!

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