Razer Taipan Review

Written by Chad

October 4, 2012


Every player has their own preferences for their gaming mouse, some like it with more buttons, some like it with glowing LED lights. Regardless on what taste we prefer on our gaming mouse, we always look for something that is simple, so Razer released the Taipan, a gaming mouse that is simple but still packs a punch.



Here are the features of the Razer Taipan

  • 4G Dual Sensor System – 8200dpi
  • Ambidextrous form factor
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 enabled
  • 9 programmable Hyperesponse buttons
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response time
  • Up to 200 inches per second / 50g acceleration



The Razer Taipan is an ambidextrous gaming mice in which players who right-hand or left-hand can use this with comfort, even players with different mouse grip methods will no problem handling this gaming mouse. I really liked the simplistic design of the Taipan; nothing too fancy, just the right design but still gives a good impression. There’s a rubber thumb grip on the edges that makes sure that your grip won’t slip during an intense match. The padded feet below are coated with Teflon, making it much smoother to maneuver, don’t forget to pair it with a really good mousepad for the perfect gaming experience.  The braided cable offers protection to the cable when traveling or from accidental snags.

The 4G Dual Sensor System allows the Taipan to have 8200 dpi in terms of sensitivity, the combination of  laser and optical sensor makes it super sensitive for super accuracy in your gaming that even landing a headshot in a most difficult position will be easy.

It features nine programmable buttons; two on each side, the usual left and right mouse button, the two DPI selectors and the mouse scroll button. The two buttons on the side is easy to access with your thumb, the major problem is on the opposite side, as you need to reach it with your ring finger or pinky, this can a problem for players to use the other two buttons, which makes only 7 buttons that are usable.

It has the glowing green snake logo to give that traditional Razer badass look plus a LED light on the mouse scroll, gamers who love glowing light effects on their gaming peripherals will definitely love this.

And with the Synapse 2.0, you can program the 9 buttons and even save different profiles online so you don’t need to install drivers every time you plug the Taipan into a different device. And yes, the Synapse 2.0 will recognize the Taipan once you plug it to your computer for the first time.



We tried testing the Taipan on Torchlight 2 and based on our experience, we really enjoy using it for action intense RPGs, we were able to map the potion hotkeys on the side buttons for quick access and tried replacing it other skill hotkeys, the sensitivity was really high that we changed it on the mid settings. Next we tried playing Battlefield 3, we were able to glide the mouse smoothly thanks to the Teflon padded feet, and with the super sensitive 8200 dpi, you can make those accurate headshots with ease plus with a 1ms response time, you can neutralize targets without getting hit.

The Razer Taipan is a must have for any gamer that wants simplicity with great features, the only drawback here is the hard to reach side buttons from the opposite side of your thumb area. But with its smooth mouse movement and a powerful optical sensor, plus fully programmable buttons and a comfortable ergonomic design.

The Razer Taipan is now available in the market for a price of PhP 3700


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