Luminary: Rise of Goonzu October Update

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October 18, 2012


Light your candles as nightfall approaches!

Ghosts, witches, zombies, oh my! Luminary is bringing out the courage in you as we enter the month of spooky October! Are you ready to take the challenge?



Valor Wisp

(Guardian Spirit)

Strengthen your bravery as we approach the season of ghouls and goblins. Valor Wisp will help lead you through the night and ward off evil that lurks in the darkness!


STR: +25

INT: +25

HP: +25

Increase Fire and Land elements by 2x


Valor Wisp’s Abilities:

  • Increase certain HP rate during attack
  • Obtain a certain EXP rate when monster dies
  • Increase certain damage rate
  • Unfreeze players
  • Launches certain rate of magic attacks when being attacked


Deus Box

(October Exclusive Item)

“Deus”, the Latin of “god”. This rare box for October is a supreme item that contains a wide collection of selected monthly rares from January to June 2012! Players are now given another chance to redeem rares they had missed by giving the Deus Box a try.

The Deus Box contains the following items:

  • Adventurer’s Spirit
  • Weapon stone X5
  • Armor stone x5
  • Re-Packing Ticket
  • Luminary Blessing
  • Stinky Hotpot (30d)
  • Weekly Teleport Ticket
  • Chest Box Coupon (x1)
  • Dancing Star Box
  • Wild Boar Medal
  • Piggybranch Box
  • Little Congo Baby
  • Silver Wing Doll Box
  • Victorian Hat Box
  • Victorian Clothing Box
  • Beastmaster Transformation Gift Box
  • Beach Cushion Gift Set
  • Bubble Cushion Box
  • Jungle Hat Box
  • Jungle Outfit Box
  • Viking Helmet Box
  • Viking Outfit Box



Be at your gaming best as we celebrate this Halloween season with more than just candies!

Halloween Event: Jack o’ Lantern


Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a jack-o-lantern in your town!

Everyone in the town needs to pitch in and collect the following items to build the lantern:

  • 2000 Candles
  • 1000 Shiitake Mushrooms
  • 1000 Peg
  • 1000 Amethyst

When the lantern is finally made, the Town Chief has the honor of lighting it afterward.


Monster Roulette Once the lantern is complete, let the Monster Roulette commence! Roam around Luminary disguised as a monster or with special Halloween capes.


Mr. Jack-o-Lantern

A familiar face is coming back this Halloween, it’s Mr. Jack-o-Lantern! Catch him at random hunting grounds and accomplish quests for him to get a special treat! Just make sure you are in your Halloween disguise from the Monster Roulette to interact with him.



Weekend Events:

Boss Summoning Event – Let’s bring out the monsters this Halloween! Get your potions ready for this exciting summoning event!

v.s – As the children’s song goes; “What are little boys and girls made of?” Having a Rainbow sheep or Matsuri outfit will get you a bonus!


Surprise Promos:

Item Mall Promo – For more treats this month, be on the look out for surprise Item Mall promos!


Feel free to visit these links for more details!

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