Event Aftermath: Armaggeddon Launch Event

Written by Chad

October 22, 2012


A new Gaming Peripheral Brand has entered the ring in the Philippines, Armaggeddon held it’s Product Launch Event at the Decagon in Silver city last October 16, 2012. Armaggeddon revealed their full line up of gaming gears to the media and resellers for the chance to experience their arsenal.

Armaggeddon was still a new brand as they debuted last November 11, 2011 in Singapore, almost after a year, they’ve put their crosshairs to the Philippine consumers. What separates them from other competing brands is that they focused on all of the gaming gears; from the essential gears like gaming mice, keyboards, mousepads and headsets and then they expanded to speakers, pc chassis, gaming/laptop bags and other gaming accessories, hence having the slogan ‘ The Ultimate Gaming Gear’.




There were PC booths that are using their PC chassis and gaming keyboard/mice for attendees to test the products, and a ‘Gaming Room’ where they exhibited their latest line of gaming peripherals in a ‘Military themed’ exhibit room. We tried testing the gaming mouse and keyboard with Torchlight, Typing of the Dead and Osu! (a music rhythm game) and so far the products are really good.

The event started with Faith Hu and Wanda Hu of Leapfrog Global (the global distributors of  Armaggeddon, they also handle SonicGear and PowerLogic) giving us the intro about their company and showcased their products. Joey Nocom of Iontech was also present at the event to announce that they will be the official local distributor of Armaggeddon. They also prepared contests for the attendees to participate, ranging from fastest time on The Typing of The Dead to the fastest time lap on Need For Speed as well as Q&A portions and raffle draws.




They also mentioned that aside from providing gamers with the top of line gaming products, they also support professional gamers by sponsoring some of the best teams in the E-Sports arena.

It is really interesting to see how Armaggeddon is committed to the gamers and now that they have entered the Philippine market. It is really nice to see that they are letting the Filipino gamers to experience their ultimate gaming gear. You check out our gallery for more of Armaggeddon’s gaming line as well our event coverage video for the whole happenings at the press launch.



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