Crossing Dr. Alex Cross

Written by Asia

October 24, 2012


Fans of the best-selling book ‘Alex Cross’ would be delighted knowing that the modern day Sherlock Holmes is made alive—yet again—in the big screen.  After Morgan Freeman’s portrayal as Alex Cross in Kiss the Girls (in 1997) and Along Came A Spider (2001), the crime and thriller series now stars Tyler Perry who plays the intelligent FBI detective from Detroit.

Although this particular movie was NOT adopted from any of James Patterson’s Dr. Cross series, the plot of the movie is similar to the encounters of his characters. The movie first builds on Cross’ family with his wife revealing they have a baby on the way. Ecstatic, he promises his wife to keep it a secret for now and plans to have an intimate celebration. The story then shifts to a mysterious man who joins a cage fight (MMA style) and introduces himself as “The Butcher of Sligo” (starring Matthew Fox). He then catches the attention of an attractive Asian woman named Yau who brings him to her home.

As things start to become sensual, the Butcher takes out an instrument that paralyzes Yau. He turns out to be a psychotic and pain-inducing killer who slowly cuts of her fingers one by one. He then goes on a murder spree by killing the rest of Yau’s guards. As the police’s job comes in, Alex Cross puts himself in the killer’s shoes and portrays his motives, moves and next target. He describes the killer as a professional assassin for hire with a love for inducing pain to its victims or targets.

…He wasn’t wrong about it.

After discovering the possible steps of the assassin, Cross does what he does best—hunt down the killer before he kills again. When they found him ready to take out his next target, things go bad with gun shots and explosions going around wounding the assassin and venting out a promise to make Cross pay. The Butcher turns out to be Cross’ biggest adversary yet.

Shocking drama and painful events happens next which surprisingly makes a supposedly action movie worthwhile. The movie’s next scenes add more value to the story which I don’t want to spoil any further but what follows is a reason for Cross to find the Butcher and challenge what he has always been and believed in—become a good cop, or take justice into his own hands.

The movie presents a good plot and ample action scenes to make someone enjoy watching it despite the low-profile promotion and production. If there was probably an actual book to this, I’d be an Alex Cross fan too. But it doesn’t have to take one to read the books to get the movie so you might want to watch this movie before the sequel “Double Cross” comes out (as already reported by online news).

Alex Cross is currently showing in Philippine movie theaters presented by Solar Entertainment Corporation.


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