Luminary: Rise of Goonzu November Update

Written by Chad

November 23, 2012


Wicked Autumn!

This year’s season of harvest and Thanksgiving comes with a twist in Luminary!



Nightmare (Melee) & Curse (Range)

When the sun sets and the skies turn into shades of amber and indigo, two new mysterious creatures come out from the shadows. Nightmare and Curse make their way into the world of Luminary as November’s latest transformation pets! Cold autumn nights have suddenly gone colder with these sinister creatures roaming about.



Nightmare (Melee)

Melee Equipped Stats (Sword, Spear and Axe)

Basic Stats 100% Sync Rate Effect
Strength: 72 Strength: 72 + 36
Agility: 92 Agility: 92 + 46
Intelligence: 60 Intelligence: 60 + 30
HP: 68 HP: 68 + 34
Defense: 136 Defense: 136 + 68
Wisdom: 56 Wisdom: 56 + 28
10% chance of a 2-second slowdown effect/attack Crafting: 25
Luck: 25



Curse (Range)

Long range Equipped Stats (Cane, Bow and Gun)

Basic Stats 100% Sync Rate Effect
Strength: 64 Strength: 64 + 32
Agility: 92 Agility: 92 + 46
Intelligence: 96 Intelligence: 96 + 48
HP: 60 HP: 60 + 30
Defense: 124 Defense: 124 + 62
Wisdom: 68 Wisdom: 68 + 34
10% chance of a 1-second slowdown effect/attack Crafting: 25
Luck: 25



Daily Events 
The Great Gathering – Pair up with a friend and collect items requested by the GM!NPC Hunt – See if you have mastered the NPCs of Luminary and their exact location as well!

Weekend Events
Tower Marathon – Topple down all the tower obstacles in your way and get rewards!Night Watcher Lord Tournament – Put your summon pet to the test with this exciting weekend event!

Forum Events
Giselle’s Thanksgiving – Celebrate Thanksgiving in Luminary style.Autumn Musings –Poems to get into the cozy autumn mood. Autumn Crossword Puzzle – A puzzle autumn challenge!



Incubus details:

Autumn Musings:

Crossword Puzzle:

Giselle’s Thanksgiving:

November Calendar of Events:

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