Enjoy Rakion with huge updates and events in Christmas

Written by Chad

December 8, 2012


December is finally here and it’s the season to be jolly for Christmas with Rakion’s December updates.


New Item: Jewel Set

The elegant gems adorned are beautiful but those who were mesmerized are afflicted by chaos.

This a new item has been updated in the item shop. Equip the complete Jewel Set and gain +50% Gold and EXP in battle and stage mode.


New Map: Sky Ruins and Stage 52

Recently discovered high up in the mountains. The abandoned ruins are surreal as if calling warriors from kingdoms far and wide to do battle and die here. Dotting the landscape are strange thorns arranged and mystified with an ancient spell. Neither the purpose of these ruins or the spell has been identified. But clearly these thorns are calling for more blood.

During the event period, 50% EXP and Gold when playing in this map.

Furthermore a new map in stage mode: Stage 52 is available for this update. Protect the succubus from battalion of monsters. Fight with your friends and complete the stage at S rank with S class gem quest. Not only you will gain loads of EXP/CXP/Gold but you will have S class random box as a reward.


New Cell: Angel Knight

A holy warrior blessed with heaven-forged sword spear. Only those who have class-advanced can command this hero.

Summon this new cell to gain 50% Gold and EXP in stages and battle mode.


New Costume: Santa Penguin

With the holiday season fast approaching, wear this new cute penguin costume to celebrate the winter cheer. Available in the item shop, Rent it for 7 days or own it.


New Update: Item Compose

With this new system, you can now change the appearance of your equipment, all armors and weapons, while keeping item abilities, stats, and enchants. You can’t however compose two different kinds of items, for example Shoulder armor to a helmet is impossible. As well as two different Item class such as Cane Helmet for Archer and Cane Helmet for Mage are incompatible.

In Item Compose, you must select one item as the Base and the other the form. Base item is the item that will keep the stats, grade, gems, and enchant but NOT the appearance. Form is the item that will be the new appearance of composed item.

You can item compose two different items of the same class and kind. For example, a +17 Cane Sword with Hero Grade and B Class Hexagon Gems, And a +3 North Soul Sword Legend Grade. The Base will be the Cane Sword and the Form will be the North Soul Sword. The resulting new item will be a +17 North Soul


The Return of PU Card, Poke Chance, and Adventure Package 6

For the duration of the event, the Power User Card is now available in the shop. Enjoy a boost of EXP, CXP, and Gold in Stage and Battle Modes. Furthermore each PU card gives a permanent 5 PU stats for your character to allocate.

If a PU card isn’t enough then you might be interested with the Adventure Package 6. This item is usable only to characters below Lv.5 created in an account. Upon level up to a certain level are free items and armors for your character. It’s a all in one package you need and you don’t need to charge up cash for new armors, attain the required level and the item is yours to keep.

As a bonus, the Poke Chance will be back for this event only. Convert your event points for poke chances and you may win high level gears.


Event Round: Snowman, Chocolate Cake, and Rudolph

Craving for a cake? Is that snowman preying upon you? Did that Rudolph just lose control? During the event period, the giant Chocolate Cake, Snowman, and Rudolph will randomly appear in Battle Mode. Defeat them and win the spoils!!


Free items for inactive accounts

During the event period, inactive accounts who have login will receive free items as welcome package for returning to Rakion. Owners of inactive accounts must check the inbox of their registered email for a coupon code.

To use the coupon code go to the official Rakion website: http://rakion.softnyx.net and login with your inactive account. Click the Rakion Free Coupon button and input the coupon no. and serial code. A reward item will be sent to your account, launch Rakion and check your Post.


For all the latest news and event details, visit http://rakion.softnyx.net

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