Scarecrow Samurai on Kickstarter

Written by Chad

December 14, 2012


I’ve been seeing promising games lately that are still in development in Kickstarter, for starters Kickstarter is a funding platform for projects that ranges from music to movies to video games. You can post your projects and its funding goal on to this site and if people like your project, they can pledge money to it. If the project reach or exceeds the funding goal, you’ll get your funds.

Now as I am saying a while ago, there have been promising projects that are posted on Kickstarter, and one of them is Scarecrow Samurai; a top down action game developed by Kobayaghi Industries, and the team needs your pledge to help them complete the game.

Scarecrow Samurai is set in a world where history and mythology are merged together. It encompasses time when food in Japan was hard to obtain, and had to be defended with sword and magic. The time when people, demons and animals took equal part in world affairs. The main character is a mysterious creature, demon-protector by nature, committed to honor the code of both scarecrows and samurais, who puts himself in service of the Kakashi clan.

The game begins in a critical moment when Warlord Kobayaghi, hungry for power and determined to rule, wages a war against Kakashi clan with one goal – to destroy newly planted wheat crop. Your goal is to stop his army, and protect the crop.



The game will be available for the Android and as a web browser version, here are some of the game features:


  • Play as a scarecrow-samurai demon in Android and free-to-play browser game. Point and click on enemies or in their vicinity to attack them.
  • Each level brings new types of enemies and possibilities for upgrades.
  • Different climate conditions follow the change of seasons.
  • Night missions
  • Ability to summon your sidekick (NPC).
  • Special skills/powers
  • Boss fights
  • Introduction to every level
  • Animated cinematics with narration
  • Original score
  • English and Japanese language option


Right they have $1,105 that was pledged (as of December 14, 2012) and they need to reach $6,000 before December 28 in order to get the funds.
To get more updates, you can visit their Kickstarter page, and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook Page.

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