Event Aftermath: Nvidia Gamer’s Conference

Written by Chad

December 19, 2012

Graphic card manufacturer Nvidia hosted a gamer’s conference at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria in Ortigas last December 15, 2012. Gamers, PC enthusiasts and the media were invited on the said event where Nvidia introduces the latest technology of their GT and GTX 600 series.



Nvidia Country Representative Glenn Paul Serano started the program with the features of the GT graphic lines, their line promises to give the consumers, especially the gamers faster gameplay and high quality graphics to enhance their gaming experience. Aside from gaming, PC performance for photo editing, video rendering, web browsing and watching HD videos will be more faster with the Nvidia GPUs.

Also present on the event is Josh Cabrera from World of Tanks as he explains about the latest MMO game. World of Tanks is an MMO that is set in World War II, you will be using famous tanks used during that era, from Sherman tanks to Tiger tanks, there are different types of tanks such as scouts, artillery and many more. Josh also introduced the team who represented the Philippines during the recent World Cyber Games (we also posted that news here) and they shared their experience on the recent Esports tournament.  To learn more about World of Tanks, checkout the video below:



The second guest speaker, Raphael Catap shared his experience in using Nvidia GPUs during his career as a gamer, he explained how Nvidia hep him enjoy more on his games and able to appreciate the beauty of the incredible graphics. Renier delos Santos from Rig builders Alliance explains the benefits of using Nvidia GPUs on multiple monitors. He shared his experience in both gameplay and graphics when using 3 monitors, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenes from your games in a much wider angle, one example he used is Assassin’s Creed 3. In terms of gameplay, Renier explained that with multiple screens, you will be able to have an advantage in competitive gameplay, especially on Battlefield 3, with a wider view, you will be able to see any enemies creeping at your corner for a sneak attack.



For the last segment of the program, Glenn Paul Serano returned to the stage to explain the technologies used for the GTX line. These include the newest DirectX 11 from Microsoft for enhanced Tessellation (meaning textures will not looked flat and will have more detail), FXAA and TXAA anti-aliasing filters for higher image quality, GPU boost for automatic clock speed boost for optimal performance (with or without overclocking your GPUs), Adaptive V-sync that adjusts the V-sync depending on the  frame rate (V-sync removes the tearing and stuttering on videos), 3D vision  to give true 3D feel to your games and videos and PhysX engine  with gives out dynamic physical environments. Sir Glenn also presented a demo video of Borderlands 2 to show the improvements you will see when activating the PhysX feature.

Borderlands 2 PhysX Comparison Video


Nvidia really promised the gamers that with their products along with their breakthrough technology such as the PhysX engine, gamers will definitely get the best quality graphics and the fastest PC performance. You can check out the happenings of the event from the picture gallery below:

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