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December 21, 2012


The New Fanless Giada Mini PC F102D with Atom N2600: Slim, Silent, Dust-Proof, and Energy-Efficient


Hardly larger than a paperback, Giada Technology`s F102D is a harmonic composition of performance and functional design. Its compact size, its energy efficiency, and its high performance make it a perfect and highly functional solution for end users; its solid metal housing makes possible application in rough industrial environments as well. Quiet offices profit from its low noise level, ensuring creative, effective, and concentrated work. What is more, it can be used as a small server or gateway with two LAN ports. The VESA holder which is available as an optional component allows easy positioning behind monitors, for example.

The new F102D Mini PC from Giada Technology`s fanless series is a small computer giant, hiding the latest PC technology inside. At its heart is an Intel Atom N2600 processor with a 1.6 GHz dual core based on Intel`s Cedar Trail technology.

An almost silent solution, the F102D offers a broad range of ports and connections: 2 GB LAN, a 4-in-1 card reader, Bluetooth, WLAN (802.11n), as well as five USB and two COM ports. It has 2 GB RAM (DDR3 SO-DIMM) which can be upgraded to 4 GB, and an internal hard drive with 320 GB. Building in a hard drive with a capacity of up to 1 TB, or an SSD is possible as well. Additionally, the Mini PC features HDMI and VGA video output which can be used simultaneously as well to work with two HD screens at the same time.



The latest PC technology in industrial environments

With its solid, black metal housing, the F102D is ideally suited for rough industrial environments, ensuring smooth operation even under very hot (up to 65°C) or very cold (down to -15°C) conditions. Its compact size of only 190 mm x 149 mm x 26 mm (D/W/H) makes possible operation in small areas as well. With its low energy consumption of not more than 14 W, there is no need for a noisy fan. Combined with its small heat development, the F102D meets all requirements for an industrial PC.

Another field it is a perfect fit for is Digital Signage. With its slim size around 2 cm, it can be placed behind a monitor or used as an embedded system. Automatic start-up and shut-off can be realized using Wake on LAN (WoL). It easily plays 1080p content and can easily be placed behind a monitor or on a wall with the VESA holder available from Giada as well.



Giada F102D Mini PC: the most important performance specifications

  • Ultra-compact size – 190 mm x 149 mm x 26 mm, 0,7-liter housing
  • Metal housing, black
  • Energy consumption of not more than 14 W
  • Extremely silent without a fan
  • Robust and tight for industrial application
  • Network: WLAN 802.11n, Bluetooth, 2 GB LAN ports
  • Full-HD 1080P video
  • 2 GB DDR3 SO-DIMM RAM (max. 4 GB)
  • 320 GB SATA 2.5 ’’ hard drive
  • Intel Atom N2600 (2 x 1.6 GHz, Cedar Trail)
  • Optional: Windows 7 Professional
  • Intel NM10 Express Chipset
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 with Microsoft Direct X9 support
  • Large range of tolerance for outside temperature: from -15° to 65° C


Show case of Giada mini pc:




1. Application in Digital Signage



Digital signage is rapidly expanded and quickly evolved in communication technology industry, and implemented as an interactive platform to broadcast information to its targets such as company, school, museum, retailer, hospital, hotel, airport and train station. Giada has rich product lines to provide optimized performances for a wide variety of embedded and multimedia applications.



Giada provides an easily updatable media player Mini PC series for digital signage, which is quick and easy to be deployed, as well as maintained. It is also very solid and can be quickly installed on Giada’s vesa mount while being cost efficient. Giada Mini PC series use X86 or ARM system, support 1080P HD video play and require less power than its own kind. The Mini PC can also support either all in one system or touch screen display to make an interactive signage with key features. For multiple digital signage deployment, Giada’s hardware and software can provide you with remote management functions.

Giada digital signage solutions provide several unique approaches and platforms to target multiple levels of digital signage applications from basic single display solutions, mid-range dual displays, all the way to high-end platforms that bring together multiple HD video streams, graphics, analytics, across multiple displays.

Main products: i53, i35G, F102D, ARM Mini PC, Barebone



 2. Application in Bank system



Giada Mini PCs are very popular for banking services, where information is provided to customers in a highly efficient and low cost way. The banking solution can also be used as an advertising display media to promote banking products and services.



Giada Mini PCs are increasingly applied in the banking field in recent years. Why? Even if installed with screens, it still has high energy efficiency. Besides, the savings in electricity cost is multiplied by each Mini PC every year. At the same time, to meet the high requirements of banks to a high-performance graphics, and to secure, lockable holders and invisible installation, the interaction through the port of touch screens and control panels are possible through COM and USB ports.

Main products: i53, i35G, A51, i35V, fanless series, barebone, ARM Mini PC


3. Application in Education



It can be difficult to show and express school information, especially in large schools that have thousands of students. Thus, schools should have many sets of LCD monitors placed in classrooms, hallways, dormitories and stadiums. Management center serves in supporting and helping school administration staff to broadcast and deliver information to all students.



For school applications, Giada Mini PCs have an automatic display system to notify students with the latest information and display real time events, timetables and news, and provide an easy-to-use and updatable media player for management center that is quick and easy to be maintained. Giada recommends Mini PC that uses an Intel CPU, supports 1080P HD video play and less power consumption than its own kind while all with an economic price. The system is of great convenience to school management staff because students can receive notices with a simple glance and queries for their personal learning via interactive system. This will reduce the managing cost dramatically.



4. Application in Surveillance System



In large enterprises and public buildings, more and more camera surveillance systems are installed. These systems consist of high-performance and very expensive video server systems and professional cameras, often with night vision (infrared). But also in small and medium enterprises, such systems are increasingly in demand as more and more cheap webcams can be got in the market.



Giada Mini PCs are ideal as a server to build a low-cost monitoring system, such as in small offices, businesses and shops. With the ability to connect a USB external hard drive to the Mini-PCs, the recording period can be extended flexibly. On only a single two TB of hard drive, it may take several weeks to have CCTV footage recorded in high resolution. It is also easy to implement in monitoring, recording, playback and remote control of the system in this way. Giada Mini PCs possess not only the small size but also the power to represent up to eight channels / sources in real time from a single full-HD monitor.

Giada Mini PCs offer not only the low price but also all features that are required for a surveillance system.

Main products: i53, i35G, A51, fanless series, barebone



5. “Bring Y our Own Device”



The requirements for PCs in companies today are diverse. On the one hand, companies put more and more emphasis on low Electricity Consumption and low operating costs PCs. On the other hand, more and more small devices are in demand, especially for jobs in a limited space。Finally employees use their powerful PC today at various workplaces and many of them use notebook, but it is too large or heavy, or the laptop screen is too small (“Bring Your Own Device”).



“Bring Your Own Device” is becoming more and more popular in business, because each employee can bring your PC to work or take home. Because of their small size (smaller than a netbook) and light weight (500g) make the mini PCs from Giada Technology is the ideal solution for this requirement. They support TPM (Trusted Platform Module), an important feature in terms of safety concern   .

Main products: D2305, i53, i35G, A51, i35V, Fanless series, barebone, ARM Mini PC



6. Application in Restaurant controller systems and ordering systems


Numerous restaurants, especially in the catering business, optimize the order process, by submitting the recorded orders (e.g. at the cash register (point of sale) or by a mobile ordering block) directly to the kitchen.  The tough, temperature-insensitive screens display the just recorded orders for immediate preparation.



The businesses that are looking for a Mini PC for display order. Giada mini pc has the appropriate solution as its fanless systems can be used in high temperature environments. You can be with a lockable vesa to be mounted directly behind the display. Because they are extremely thin, they can be installed easily and compactly in suspended ceilings and ventilation systems.

The rugged Fanless Mini PCs series of Giada are reliable and recommendable for restaurants.

Main products: Fanless Serie, ARM Mini-PC Q11




7. Application in kiosk terminals



Installed in enclosure systems, kiosk terminals and access systems, for example by companies, trade shows garages, etc.



The typical requirements for so-called embedded (=built-in) mini PC systems which applied to kiosk terminals, barrier systems are as follows:

• Fanless system

• Wide temperature range

• Longevity


Main products: Fanless Series




8. Application in POS



Often, low-power, highly efficient POS (Point-of-Sales) systems in retail are needed. It is applied at gas stations, in shopping malls and retail stores. The POS not only scan the products to capture price, but also enable to connect a card payment terminals and a cash drawer by a reliable interface. Once the payment has been made, payment will be printed and the data is transferred internally to update the inventory in the central system.



Giada Mini PCs has function as the heart of the POS systems. They are small, possibly fanless and have the necessary interfaces to connect all the options, even with a Linux-based operating system.


Main products: Fanless Series, Barebone Series, ARM Mini-PC



9. Application in manufacturing and automation



The customer is looking for an industrial computer for their manufacture Automation system that could process product control information and show relevant system information on the LCD monitor and collect defective products. This CPU module needs to be able to communicate with sensors, and also needs high speed Ethernet to connect to a server and to download Golden samples files. The requirements are based on their needs are following:

  • Ruggedized and fanless system that can work at harsh environment; a wide temperature range with shock and vibration tolerance
  • A pc-based control platform to provide compatibility with various I/O peripherals.
  • LCD and CRT display capability
  • Ethernet for servers connection
  • Embedded OS for real-time control



Giada Mini PCs is intrinsically suited. For use as manufacturing automation systems,they communicate with sensors via serial interfaces and provide with support for Linux and support Linux applications. The Mini PC fanless line has dual RS232 interface. Fluctuations in temperature, shock and vibration is also no problem.  Q11,the new ARM-based mini PC even has a backup battery to power outages from about two minutes to bridge without rebooting.


Main products:  Fanless Serie, ARM Mini-PC



10. Application in Home Automation



Intelligent networks keep increasingly move into home. Often Mini computers are required, which control, for example, roller blinds or the heating to distribute music in different rooms or to built touch screens to hide serving operation.



Giada Technology is perfect – even fanless and also readily installable – Mini-PCs in the product range. The comprehensive power save options, high reliability, the extremely slim design (with lockable holding) and an appealing design make Giada Mini PCs a good choice for you.


For home automation systems, Giada Mini PCs are not only a functional profit, but also offer an attractive design.


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