The Best Games of 2012

Written by Chad

January 1, 2013

2012 has ended and the world didn’t end as well. We’ve seen some disappointing games (you know, that kind of games where you have waited for a decade for a new sequel then all it gave you is massive errors in the first day launch, imbalanced gameplay and the always online feature) but there are also some games that gave us a great time. So let’s take a  look at the games that deserved to on the best games of 2012 list.


Assassin’s Creed 3

Moving away from the Ezio arc and into a new character, Assassin’s Creed 3 focuses now on colonial America, now with a refined combat system and more open world features such as hunting, exploring and building up a town and a really engaging naval battle. Another plus side is the parallel story where it shifts from Connor’s story to Desmond’s and vice versa.


Borderlands 2

The game that combines intense FPS gameplay with the RPG massive loot hunting mechanic. The sequel upped up the content with ‘Bazillion’ of guns to loot, constant DLC updates, addicting co-op gameplay, new character classes and more crazy characters to interact with. Borderlands 2 gives you more reasons to go wub wub with your friends for days.



Bethesda’s newest game that mixes dark fantasy with steam-powered inspired world. Thanks to it’s impressive game design, making choices is the important factor for Dishonored, you can approach your playing style by stealth or all-out violence. And of course, what actions you made will have consequences.


Farcry 3

Despite releasing late in 2012, Farcry 3 made an impact to the gamers with its new approach, by making the game open world with RPG elements. You can roam around the island, hunting animal or killing pirate bandits. The Hollywood like storyline with a deep plot also help made the game really good.


Guild Wars 2

The MMO that broke all the boundaries of a typical mediocre MMO and create a more refreshing and entertaining approach to the genre. Giving your character a good back story and every decision you make will affect your storyline and an impressive and engaging battle system that separates it from the traditional point-and-click MMO battle systems, and let’s not forget that you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription to play this.



This one proves that games can become a form of art thanks to its stunning visuals. Journey can present a good storyline and gameplay without any use of dialogues  plus its incredible and moving soundtrack will give you the best gaming experience(it was even nominated for a Grammy, a first for the video game industry).


Mass Effect 3

The third and final chapter to Commander Shepard’s story. Despite the controversies revolving on the game’s endings, Mass Effect 3 still deserves on your list as it still gives an amazing third person shooter experience, the ability to carry over saves from previous games that can change some aspects in the storyline and an incredible writing that makes it feel like an awarding winning space opera series.


Torchlight 2

“The game that has everything that Diablo 3 should have been” (I found this comment from Facebook). The sequel to the hit action RPG added more content to keep us glued into our computers for days just to collect tons of epic loots, and thanks to the multiplayer feature, you can now join up with your friends for a long session of dungeon crawling and loot hunting.

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