Forbidden Kingdom Character Revealed

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January 3, 2013


Cubizone Philippines unveiled a teaser site for their upcoming MMO Forbidden Kingdom and it is scheduled to open its servers early this year. Developed by XiaoYou Information Tech, Forbidden Kingdom Online is based on the Journey to the West classic novel in China, the game will be a full 3D MMORPG with a fast paced gameplay, one of the unique feature of this game is that your character can transform into different states and there are around 7 transformations states that were revealed .




The teaser site already revealed all of the four character class, each has their own unique roles and builds.



Known to be the perfect killing machine in the battlefield, the Asuras are your standard melee damage dealers in Forbidden Kingdom. High in physical damage and defense but they will have an disadvantage against magic users due to their low magic resistance. This class will only have a male gender.



These cute and charming descendants of the Fox may be small, but they sure do pack a big punch. The Kitsune can lay traps and deal medium magic attacks and has medium amount of health but they are very against melee attacks.



The graceful descendants of the Ancient Dragons, The Naga are the pure magic wielders that can unleash powerful AOE magic attacks, but the drawback is that they have really low health.



These are the ancient clan from the Underworld, the Netherese are the fast DPS (Damage per Second) melee class that can deal high critical damage with dead on high accuracy and high evasion. The bad side for being a Netherese is that they have weak defense and low health.


We will be giving more updates about Forbidden Kingdom once we can get more news from Cubizone Philippines. In the meantime, you can check out their teaser site and their Facebook Page.

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