Flirt: A Card Game of Love, Rejection and Intrigue


Flirt: The Card Game captures the elements of love, rejection, drama and intrigue in a fun, fast-paced-and sometimes even-hilarious casual card game!
Keep the game intimate with just two players or go for a heart grabbing free-forall of up to six of your friends! More players means more choices of whose heart to win. Don’t forget that your’s is up for grabs as well! It’s your call to play it cool or all out.
Make this coming summer lots more fun with Flirt: The Card Game! Komikasi Enterprise’s newest card game. Turn your hangouts and outings into fun and hilarious moments as you and your friends try to win each other’s hearts-or that one person you all secretly have a crush on! Trying to win the heart of someone has never been this much fun-or cathartic.

Flirt: The Card Game is available at a National Bookstore and Powerbooks branch near you!





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