Rakion Update News in February

Written by Chad

February 5, 2013



New Costume: Robox is now in the Shop!!

Be Robox!! This cute costume will surely turn heads around, just enough time for you to show them that you shouldn’t be taken lightly. Made with 100% cardboard boxes, own this costume now from the Shop!!


New Item: Par’s Hammer

Have you ever wished you can renew the item duration of your limited duration items (a.k.a. periodic items) before it expires without spending cash/gold each and every renewal? Then by the blessings of the gods, the Par’s Hammer is now available in the Shop!!

During the event period, the Par’s Hammer allows you to renew the duration of your periodic items thus making the item usable over and over again.


New Item: Pure White Weapons are here!!

The gods have blessed the soldiers of war again! This time, the Pure White weapons are now available in a limited duration. The legendary Pure White weapons are imbued with lifesteal ability. However because it cannot be owned permanently, you must use the Par’s Hammer to renew the expiry period.

Login during the event and you will receive this item from your Post. Use the Pure White weapons with skill, the gods have blessed you.


Valentine’s Day Event


Chocolates Gift Giveaway!!

Spread the love!! Login during the event and receive your chocolates in your “Post”. Chocolates, when opened, contain a random item including a rare Power User card.


You may only get your Chocolate during the following times:

  • Week days (twice) : 12:00,22:00 (GMT+9)
  • Weekend (thrice) : 12:00, 20:00, 22:00 (GMT+9)



Poke Chance and No level restriction to all items

Poke Chance has come back!! Spend your event points for poke chances and you may win high level items. And that’s not all, during the event, there will be No level restriction of all items.


Valentine’s Day Quest

Login every during the event period and you will receive this quest scroll in your “Post”. You may only receive this event quest scroll once a day.


For all the latest news and event details, visit http://Rakion.softnyx.net

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