Another Dragon: Softnyx’s First Smartphone Game

Written by Chad

February 17, 2013



Softnyx’s first smartphone game Another Dragon was released in App Store on February 19th, 2013 (EST). It supports Korean, English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages. Another Dragon is totally different from common defense games moving left and right only because players can freely control their main character up & down and left & right in game.




“Belronia where magic and dragons exist. Magician Beuripa killed a King of Belronia to be the king. However, he was deported after holy Dragon Knight’s identity is revealed. Beuripa revived as a king of darkness with wicked power and attacked the land of human & elf with Orc troops and dark Dragon… Belronia in danger needs your help. Could you lead Dragon Knight for the peace of Belronia?

Thanks to you, Belronia defeated Orc troops, and the rest ran away to Northern island afar. Nobody knows what danger will come again, but Orc troops will be dark forever as long as you lead the holy Dragon Knight.”


The main character of the mobile game is a dragon. The dragon can move anywhere in game and attacks enemies with its skills and units. It has three main features:


● Various Game Modes

There are 4 kinds of game modes: friendly defense, boss kill, central defense, and princess escort.




● Various Dragon Skill

Players can manually use the dragon’s own skills by summoning, attacking, moving, defending and buffing.




● Customized Item

Each item has its own ability and skill. Dragon’s appearance also becomes different as you equip items. Have fun strategizing with item mix-and-match which suits your game play style.




To celebrate Another Dragon’s launch, Softnyx holds a special event for Softnyx users to get rewarded with Softnyx Cash. They can earn 1,000 Softnyx Cash as soon as a coupon code is submitted. Where do they earn the coupon code? Download Another Dragon and complete the tutorial. And, a coupon code will appear!


The event will last for two weeks only so you should not miss this chance. For details about this event, visit



Ready to enjoy? Find Another Dragon at App Store now!



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