Wolfteam: The Reawakening of the Wolves

Written by Chad

February 17, 2013

The long wait is finally over for Wolfteam gamers.  A new mode has awakened as Werewolves are fused with much power that humans cannot even control. New weapons are made to protect the wielder and fight back against these wolves. And to make you stay in top shape, Softnyx brings you more events for Wolfteam that you could possibly imagine.


Wolfteam: A Second Introduction

For those who are not aware of what Wolfteam is like, it is one of the most innovative MMOFPS (Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooting) game which highlights characters that can transform from humans to werewolves and vice versa to perform their duties in defeating the enemy team. Play the role of a werewolf and get the abilities of climbing walls and extreme melee damage. An advanced type of werewolf gains additional skills as it will cause more rampage to enemies. Playing in human form will give you chance to use a wide variety of weapons as an advantage. Both forms have their own advantages and disadvantages so it will be up to you how to use them.


New Event: Welcome Back to Wolfteam (February 18 to March 3, 2013)

Welcome Back Giveaway: 30,000 worth free cash items for inactive account which didn’t log in for 30days. Check this out welcome free item package as below.

  •       Weapon set: Elwbci M6A2 Flame F.E.I, Zaitsev and Weapon JockPot Box
  •       Event Character: Geremi song Valentine look, Yigit Demir Valentine look
  •       Wolf Set: Tattoo JackPot Box, Wolf Strengthening item(Power), Furious Scratch, Mammoth DB Tattoo  


10 Days Special Attendance: any registered Wolfteam player can join this event. Player should play for at least one hour to complete the attendance for the day. Complete 10 days attendance in event period and you can get the following freebies:

  •       1st day rewards: 3K gold Coupon, GP +30%
  •       4th day rewards: 5EA Lucky box
  •       7th day rewards: 1EA Character JackPot box
  •       10th day rewards: William Kroll Equip Gold Parts Set and Duane Eddy Gold Parts Set


Play Time Event: Each time you play will make you receive additional gold rewards which will depend on how long you play during the day.

Weekend Burning Event: Play Wolfteam and get additional 100% GP/Gold rate on weekends


New Update: AI Wolf Mode

Test your skills against zombie werewolves which are extremely fast and with crazy movement. These AI wolves have special abilities which are superior than other werewolves. They can be your enemies or a part of your team. Challenge these AI wolves with friends and member of pride to prove that you have superior skills. This mode will be released on the last week of February.


New Item updates: 4 secret weapons and 10 character parts


New weapons and character parts will be available in mid-February. This is a must-have to fight those zombie werewolves.


New Weapons: SUPAS-15, SUPAS-15 SCF, SUPAS-15 Flame, SUPAS-15 AT

Character parts: Duane Eddy Parts Set, William Kroll Parts Set, Christopher Parts Set, Angela Parts Set, Pedro Parts Set, Adriana Parts Set, Reinhard Parts Set, Marien Parts Set, Hamadah Parts Set, Lin Parts Set, Yigit Parts Set, Tomita Parts Set, Geremi Parts Set, Ivanov Parts Set


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