Leaked Image of the PS4 Controller

Written by Chad

February 18, 2013

ps4 controller

The image above was the rumored controller for the PlayStation 4, being leaked on the internet for several days already. The leaked info was originally posted by Destructoid but showing only the upper portion of the said controller.

Reports from a forum poster at Gametrailers.com say that the leaked image is a prototype version and it has some special features which include a touchpad at the front with resistive display that also features a one-point multi touch capability, it also has a function where you can view the battery life, friends list by pressing the touchpad. There is also a microphone below the touchpad and an audio jack at the bottom part of the controller. The shoulder buttons has that springy feel similar that from the Xbox 360 controller. Its seems to have additional buttons in front part of the controller (encircled on the picture) this could be the ‘share button’ where you can take screenshots or record records and upload it to the PSN.

ps4 cont

According to Kotaku, the features from the prototype are somewhat different from the 90-page document which describes some of the functions of the PS4 and its controller, some that were different or not mentioned are the one point one from the supposed two-point multi touch with a mechanical click (meaning the pad can be pressed as an additional button, a RGB LED as a battery indicator and the touch pad being resistive instead of being reactive.

Please take note that these images are ‘said’ to be from the prototype, so there are some possibilities that the design and the features may change in the actual retail version of the controller.

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