CherryCon 2013 in Pictures (Day 1)

I’ve gone to CherryCon 2013  along with Chad and Krisel, and most of the time I took photos of both Cosplay and Gaming. Here I will tell the story through he eyes of my lenses– as pictures tell a story worth more than a dozen lines. XD


Most of the shots were taken within a 1/25~1/60 shutter speed  range and a Hi1 ISO sensitivity. Yep, most of the dark shots had a lot of noise so, my bad. ^^;

I also removed some of the shots that were blurry– I actually ran my shutter release button to the ground with continuous shot mode on (lol). Perfect for trying to get some of the good moments on frame.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! You may download, make some edits and post them– just be sure to link back to us when you do 😛

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