CM Storm Quickfire TK, Recon and Skorpion Review

Written by Chad

March 12, 2013



We are back with a new review for CM Storm’s newest line of gaming peripherals. For this review, we will combine all three of the peripherals as a sort of package deal (lol), we want to make a review where it combines the other peripherals to see if it will give you the best gaming experience and if it is worth your money, and now enough with the intro and let’s begin with the review.




First stop is the Quickfire TK, if you remember we made a review for the Quickfire Rapid and we likee the gaming keyboard for its simple design. The Quickfire TK is the almost larger version of the Rapid, the TK also has that similar design with the Rapid, though the right portion is completely different. similar with other mechanical keyboards, the TK has several switches available: SGK-4020-GKCR1(Red switch), SGK-4020-GKCM1(Brown switch) and SGK-4020-GKCL1(Blue switch).

It has the same detachable USB cable with rerouting cable management below the keyboard for a much convenient cable placement. The new addition here is the fully backlight keys (the LED depends on what mechanical switches you have on your Quickfire TK, red LED for red switches, blue for blue switches and white from brown switches), you can select 3 different modes for the backlight (all keys, WASD keys, breathing effect) with 5 brightness levels. It also features the N-Key Rollover where you can press a number of keys simultaneously with any limitations, this can be helpful in certain games.

You may noticed that they combined the functions of the arrow keys to the numpad for a more compact design, you can toggle to its alternate functions with the FN key, this can also apply to the media function buttons at the upper portion of the keyboard (F1 to F11). It also includes a cap puller to replace any key caps on your keyboard, but sadly there is no included extra key caps as replacements.

We had a great gameplay control with the Quickfire TK as it gave us good feedback on the input keys, this is a great advance on strategy and MOBA games like League of Legends and Starcraft 2.

Overall we really love the Quickfire TK better than the Quickfire Rapid, so if you are looking for a good mechanical keyboard, you should opt  for the Quickfire TK. For those who already have a Rapid keyboard, you may want to upgrade to TK if you want more keys and a backlight option to your keyboard.





On to our next review is the CM Storm Recon gaming mouse,this is an ambidextrous (meaning this mouse can be used by left-handed and right-handed people without any discomfort). The body is coated with rubber for that firm grip during intense gaming, although I am not a fan of rubberized textures (since it gets sticky as time goes by) but I do like how they. Comfort level is quite good with the Recon, your hand will be able to hold the mouse firmly with no discomfort, I also enjoy the clicky sound of the mouse buttons; it has that sort of mechanical clicky feel to it. One complaint that I have is the lack of  braided cable, which gives that added protection to the cable from wear and tear.

The Recon has nine programmable buttons for more control and customization on your game; this is a big help for MMOs for performing quick actions during crucial times. We did mentioned that the nine buttons are fully customizable; the LED light can be customize as well, with different colors to choose from (around 7 colors), you can even pick which color to light up on what dpi setting was activated. Speaking of dpi, the Recon has an Avago 3090 optical sensor that has 800 to 4000 dpi for a wide range of mouse sensitivity, you will be able to switch to a different dpi setting with the quick access buttons behind the mouse scroll and you can identify the current dpi setting with the LED color (LED is off when dpi is 800, red LED for 1600, green for 3200 and blue for 4000) .

We tried test the gaming mouse with Skyrim, Torchlight 2 and Battlefield 3 and we had no issue getting used to the design of the Recon, plus the programmable buttons were a big help in quick weapon change, hotkey access and skill usage.

If you are looking for a good quality gaming mouse with customizable buttons and lights and that is left-handed friendly, then you should go for the CM Storm Recon. We love the comfortable design of the Recon despite the sort of bulky look to it.





And for the last portion of the review, the CM Storm Skorpion. The Skorpion is a mouse bungie that helps prevent your mouse’s cable from dangling around during your game time that could restriction you movement of fearing that you might tear your cable. One look at the design and it is obviously based on a scorpion, the size of the Skorpion is small that you can put it on your pocket and bring it anywhere, one drawback here is that the leg parts are detachable only and it cannot be folded for a more convenient and portable peripheral.

You may noticed with the Skorpion is that it has a metal disc inside its body acting as a weight along with the anti-shift pads on the feet to help control the dragging force from your mouse movement and prevent the mouse bungee cord from moving. The tail part of the Skorpion is where you put the mouse cable, all types of mouse cable can fit in the tail part; from rubber to braided from thin to thick cables, and it will keep the cables locked so you don’t have to worry if the cable gets loose from the tail.

It would be nice if the Skorpion also has some additional features like a USB hub but it might affect the total price of the product.

Overall, the Skorpion is a must need for hardcore gamers and even normal gamers would love this as it helps give players a much comfortable mouse control.


Now if you ask us on which of the three is a must buy, we would suggest all of them, but of course there would be a most preferred choice so we would definitely pick the Quickfire TK, it’s a really good mechanical gaming keyboard and it has some upgrades which the Quickfire Rapid lacks.

All three CM Storm products are now available with the following SRP:

CM Storm Recon – PhP 2,600

CM Storm Quickfire TK – PhP 4,800

CM Storm Skorpion – PhP 900


You can check our gallery for more images of the products

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  1. Jayr Cruz

    Saan po nabibili ung Skorpion?

    • Chad


      Sa ngayon wala pang announcement ang CM Storm kung saan may available ang Skorpion, pero iuupdate namin kung saan magkakaroon once lumabas na sa market


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