Wolfteam: Human’s Last Stand

Written by Chad

March 12, 2013




As the wolves were reawakened, a lot of soldiers are needed to stand against them. New recruits will be given additional weapons to fight back against the strongest of the wolves. Old ones will also have a chance getting powerful weapons as they rank up. Only this month where humans can start to powerup against wolves.


New Set of Events: Challenge the Master Sergeant!! (March 11th to April 7th, 2013)


Be a Wolfteam Fellow – “Join Event” for New Wolfteam Players: Be competitive against other players even when you are a new player. You can get free in-game items and “GP Plus” which will help you rank up faster.

Free items set:

  • Fanas MC 5D
  • 1-115 GL 5D
  • Tattoo B(Axe DP) 5D
  • AI-Normal Ticket 7D
  • GP Plus (30D)



Get Promotion and Get Free Items: Accomplishing a certain class in Wolfteam entitles you to receive reward items:

Private First Class

  • Christopher Smith 7D
  • Pedro Gomes 7D
  • Basic Wolf Strengthening item(Guardian) 7D
  • Basic Wolf Strengthening item(Berserker) 7D
  • Basic Wolf Strengthening item(Smart) 7D



  • CS-H03A Helmet 7D
  • CS-U03A Vest 7D
  • CS-U08A Glove 7D
  • CS-L03A Boots 7D
  • PG-H03A Beanie 7D
  • PG-U03A Cross Band 7D
  • PG-U09A Gloves 7D
  • PG-L03A Boots 7D
  • 20K Gold Coupon 1EA
  • Basic Wolf Strengthening item(Ice) 7D
  • Basic Wolf Strengthening item(Psycho) 5D)


Sergeant First Class

  • Weapon Jackpot Box 1ea
  • Wolf Jackpot Box 1ea
  • WC Item Jackpot Box 1ea


Big Reward for Master Sargent Rankachieve the Master Sargeant rank during the event period and get the following items:

  • Geremi Song(3G)-SWAT 7D
  • Yigit Demir(3G) –SWAT 7D
  • ELWRCi M6A L.E. 7D
  • Tattoo B(Haitai GL) 7D
  • Brutal Scratch 7D


Wolfteam Special Raffle – Be the Lottery Winner: Join and create a character during the Join event. Once created, a Sargeant rank must be achieved during the same period. Prizes are as follows:

  • 200,000 WC each for 5 users
  • 50,000 WC each for 10 users
  • 10,000 WC each for 20 users



March Wolfteam Updates

There will be changes and updates in Woflteam that will make the pack happy for sure:


Switch Mode Releasedto promote balance in the game, the goal for each team is changed when it reaches the middle round.


Hero Mode Released out of Power Room be the Wolfteam’s hero! Play Hero Mode out of Power room.


New Characters released – Z.I.Zoe Look – Give your characters a new and cool look. Meet these four cool characters on mid-March:

  • Marien Arnault(2G)-EZZ
  • Reinhard Schneider(2G)-EZZ
  • Lin Meiling(2G)-EZZ
  • Hamadah Bin Shabah(2G)-EZZ


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