Post-event Report and Aftermath: Cubizone 2013

Written by Kriselda

April 3, 2013


Cubicon 2013 (Day 1) in a Nutshell
Event Type: Gaming (Plus Anime, Cosplay, K-Pop and OPM)
Event Page: (for some reason, they didn’t display any information about their biggest event in their official website)
Entrance Fee: Php 80.00
Event Highlights:

  • Cosplay Competition
  • Performing OPM Bands

Event Lowlight:

  • Gaming Tournaments

Was It Worth Coming: No, unless you’re a participant in the gaming tournaments or if you’re having player meet-up scheduled.
Is It Worth Recommending: No, unless you’re a fan of the bands who performed during the event.
Verdict: 2.5/5



Cubizone Staff

Cubizone, one of the many local gaming companies here in the Philippines, has launched its first ever grand gaming convention, Cubicon 2013. The event stayed true to its tagline, “Where Communities Collide.” It’s a mix of Cubizone games, anime, cosplay, K-Pop and OPM activities, that one would wonder what the main point of the event really was. Here are some of the things worth noting from what has transpired during the first day.


Entrance and Registration

Getting in the event venue was pretty simple: pay the admission fee of Php 80, present the ticket in the entrance, and you’re in. The line was pretty organized, although getting the special passes took longer. After getting the ID and event stamp, you’re set to enter. A small divider was placed behind the entrance, as if to block passersby from getting a sneak peak of the interior.


The Event Site

As soon as I stepped inside the event site, I already had an idea of how the rest of the day will turn out to be. It was chaos, and I’m not kidding. First, there was a sea of photographers and cosplayers finding a good place to take photos, a few random people walking around aimlessly, and a stage. A number of small booths are seen at the right side, but not everything is visible and you’d have to stride into alleys to get a good view. The food stalls on the far right reminded me of SM Supermarket or Hypermarket — tall tables, no chairs. Not convenient for visitors who would spend an entire day standing and walking around. The gaming arena on the left corner of the Megatrade Hall was quite hidden. The room for strolling wasn’t spacious, but luckily with the small crowd, it was manageable.


The Stage

The stage, where most event highlights take place, was well-lit. No problems with the audio either, and you can practically hear what’s going on wherever you go (even outside the event site). There was a red carpet below the stage (an extension, if I may guess) for cosplayers with above-normal-size costumes to use. A huge LCD screen can be found at the stage platform, big enough for spectators at the back to see.


The Gaming and Tournament Area

As I mentioned earlier, this area is found at the left corner of the Megatrade Hall. The gaming area seemed like a “hidden chamber” to me because the stage was so close to it, it kinda overshadowed its existence. There wasn’t any fence to separate the audience from the game users, so anyone can pretty much strut around and take a look. In addition, there was no way to find out the difference between the tournament area and the free play area. No one was present to regularly broadcast the tournament updates to everyone. To be honest, we only remembered its presence when hosts called on the missing guild leaders for their game rounds. The gaming area also lacks a big screen, which could have been cool, so that everyone can see and cheer for their favorite guilds or players.

Stage Events

If there were three memorable things about the stage events, it would be cosplay competition and OPM band performances (oops, let me add raffles to make it three). The cosplay competition was entertaining (thanks to the troll comments yet again by the hosts), and listening to live performances by a few select Pinoy bands were also interesting (I haven’t been listening to OPM for the longest time, so it was a good break). Getting a good spot to take videos or photos was not an issue either, since there wasn’t much people, and the bulk of the crowd was stuck in the gaming area.



Looking at Cubicon 2013 as a whole, I could say there’s a ton of things they can improve on. It was a good opportunity for players from different Cubicon titles to gather and meet, and enjoy the different activities at the same time. However, with so much add-ons, I could confidently say that the event was a series of anime, K-Pop and OPM activities, only sponsored by Cubizone. Other local gaming companies have been doing the same thing, but I do believe it’s about time for them to forget about cramping random events and just focus on gaming, since that’s what gamers are eagerly looking for. If I am to rate this from 1 to 5, I’d give them a 2.5. Hopefully, the rising game publishing company will have a clearer outlook of how they’re gonna pull off the next Cubicon event, if there will ever be another one.

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For more of the event, see the aftermath video below:

Photo Gallery will follow 😀

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