Bioshock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition Unboxing

Written by Chad

April 7, 2013



Here it is folks! The Bioshock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition, we created an unboxing video to share with you the experience we had with the package.

Okay before we begin, here is the rundown of the package:

  • Bioshock Infinite game
  • 9.75″ Songbird Package
  • Art of Columbia mini artbook
  • 25mm resin cast Handyman Figure
  • Devil’s Kiss Lithograph
  • Murder of Crows keychain
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Upgrade pack DLC
  • Theme pack DLC


And now here is the unboxing video, you will be able to see all the goodies inside the package. Just a side note thought, on the video you noticed that the DLC flyers are inside the envelope, originally those are separate from the envelope, so don’t get surprised if you found yours outside it.

We would like to thank Irrational Games for creating such an amazing masterpiece  also check out some of the images from our gallery below.



For details on how to get your own copy of the Ultimate Songbird Edition, head to this link:

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