Nvidia GeForce Gamer’s Conference 2013 Event Aftermath

Written by Chad

April 18, 2013


Nvidia is back again for their Gamer’s Conference which was held at Congo Grill El Pueblo in Pasig City last April 14, 2013.

Nvidia has invited players and the media to reveal their latest technology and new line of Graphic cards. This year, they are promoting their newest graphic card line, the Geforce GTX Titan, you can learn more about the GTX Titan from their official website.

Country Manager Glenn Paul Serrano was [resent to explain the sheer power of the GTX Titan, from the 7 billion transistor count, 224 texture units and 2688 stream processors. There were also guests that gave talks for the Gamer Conference day,  World of Tanks player and Wargaming.net’s representative Josh Cabrera was once again present to give his talk about World of Tanks and Elgee Gaboy, MSI EVO pro gamer where he talked about his great experience with Geforce graphic cards during his pro gaming career.

You can check out our picture gallery on the happening during the Gamer’s Conference by Nvidia

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