1 Man, 47 Suits: The Iron Man 3 Movie Review

Written by Asia

April 28, 2013

Iron Man 3

I say this without a doubt (and not just as a movie reviewer and a now certified fan)— Iron Man 3 has topped all its previous movies (or any) for that matter.

It is hard to come up with a review like this without spoiling some major parts, however it’s certain that this 3rd installment of the Iron Man movie still starring Robert Downey Jr. has blended all the necessary elements in coming up with an awesome movie. It is just prefect from beginning to end that it was even hard to blink because you might miss out something amazing.

The movie which started in a flashback of Tony Stark’s past worked its way to a well executed storyline with amazing action scenes, ample amounts of comic relief which is like the truck you won’t see coming, and surprising “aww” moments for Tony and Pepper which is a love story not that much highlighted in its previous installments.

Highlighting also the more “human” side of Tony, this movie was able to show that he is not all full of himself. Instead, he has a fears, gratefulness for those who help him, and trauma experienced from the storyline based on The Avengers movie released last 2012 where Iron Man played a big role in saving the world from the aliens by bringing them inside the wormhole without the guarantee of being able to come back alive.

Without even making the movie look like its trying to hard to beat expectations, it was able to still put the bar up versus the first 2 movies by showcasing a lot of surprising and amazing twists in the story. Some examples from the movie is The Mandarin’s true character behind the camera (portrayed by Ben Kingsley); the new suit, Mark 47’s new function to move remotely through Tony’s mind (using a chip implanted in his left arm) and or wrap itself around him through his command (Geek note: some say it is the actually Mark 42 suit); and last but not the least, the sad but acceptable end to the movie.

The Mark 47 Armor: Hot or not?

The Mark 47 Armor: Hot or not?

With the Iron Man Trilogy also comes the end of Robert Downey’s 3-year contract for the movie. It was wrapped up was smooth and still amazing manner but speculators can’t help whether this is the end of the Iron Man movie series or will it be another new start for a much bigger story to look forward to in the future? Tip: Wait for the post-credit scene and get a glimpse of Dr. Bruce Banner saying something exciting for fans worldwide to expect. We’ve known Downey as the face behind the blockbuster hit so let’s cross our fingers we still see more of the Iron Man and the rest of the cast in a new installment soon! Iron Man’s next appearance will be in The Avengers 2 scheduled to be released sometime 2015. Fast forward to the future please!

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