Rakion May 2013 Event

Written by Chad

May 5, 2013


Check out some of the cool events for month of May at Rakion.


Dye System

  • Change the color of your armor with the new Dye System!
  • Want to customize the look of your shiny divinity set? Tired of the old color of your armor? Then use the dyes.
  • The Dye system allows you to change the color of your armor whenever you want.


Super Core : Instantly Enchant an item to +15

  • Only during the event period, a special enchant item, the Super Core, now instantly enchants your armor or weapon to +15. This means you don’t need to paint staking enchant each armor with lots of mithrils or roll chances. Upon use, a +0 item can be +15 is enchanted instantly.
  • All Super Cores are with 100% success.
  • There are two kinds of Super Core, the normal which can make normal grade item to +15. And the advanced which can enchant graded items to +15.
  • A free Super Core (Normal) is rewarded upon first login during the event period. To get more Super Cores, it can be randomly acquired in a random capsule or bought in the Even Shop. A Super Core (advanced) is rewarded when a Clan reached 3000 EXP, all clan members will received this as a reward once per account.


Berserker Wolf

A new wolf creature has been spotted. With sharp fangs and a ferocious bite, the Berserker wolf Is more powerful than its predecessors.
Summon this new creature the event period to gain 150% more Gold and EXP while playing in stages and battle modes.


2 more inventory slots

With the advent of multiple armor, weapons, and accessories in your stash, it will be chaotic to keep old treasures around. For this update, two more inventory slots are enabled and you can now have up to five inventory stash.


Power User Card

The Power User card is now available in the shop. Level up faster with 50% more EXP, Chaos point required is significantly reduced to 5 kills, and 5 seconds more chaos time. The Power User card also gives permanent 5 PU stat. So don’t miss out to get the power.


Grade Up (advanced) Success Probability Increase

During the event period, the grade up success has been 20% increase. This means from Normal grade, get a instant grade of your item to Rare immediately.
Grade up is available on items that are at least +15. After grade up, the level of enchant returns to +0.


Clan EXP Reward

When Clan EXP reached 1000EXP, 2000EXP, or 3000EXP; all clan members will be rewarded with these rewards (rewards is given once per account) :

  • 1000EXP = Unique Creature Capsule
  • 2000EXP = Item Rental
  • 3000EXP = Super Core Advanced

Rewards will be given one week after the achievement during every Monday’s maintenance. (to be rewarded on 13th/20th/27th/3rd)


S Rank in Stage Rewards

Gain more rewards by clearing stages in S Rank during the event period. Get Random Capsules for S rank stage at the maximum of 3 capsules per day.

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