SC2: F*ck Logic, you’re still downloading everything

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For once, in my SC2 life, I actually got the box set from Datablitz and installed it so I can catch up to the story in preparation for my Heart of the Swarm. I had a previous BNet account with SC2, but it was only with a 1 month gametime key. I was hoping for a more solid SC2 experience when I actually got myself the box set.

Lo and behold, after installing 14++ GB from the darn CD, I still have to download and patch more than 7GB worth of game data. So much for packaging and installing from a CD. Ever felt c*ckblocked? Yep, exactly how I feel. Who would’ve thought that it would come to this (especially when HotS got released months ago)?

Excuse me for a bit while I wallow in anguish as I wait for this to complete patching.

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