Granado Espada Online May Update

Written by Chad

May 16, 2013



New Content to Look Forward to this May

Redbana (, a publisher of free-to-play online games, announced their May roster of Bristia expansion updates for its hottest MMORPG title, Granado Espada Online.

Granado Espada Online is a well-known fantasy roleplaying game set on the fictionalized Age of Exploration with an emphasis on beautiful Baroque-inspired aesthetics. Players can enjoy traveling this masterful environment as a pioneering family intent on exploring the world: each new update opens up new and exciting features that will tantalize every person with the slightest travel itch.


New Features available for this May

New Raid: Bloody Navy Mission

Politically-inclined families can expect the addition of a new instance mission: the Bloody Navy Raid.



New Bounty Hunter Missions: Demonic Missions

Adding to the list of daily missions are the Demonic boss monsters Medusa, Minotauros and Sphinx with an extra surprise upon defeating all three.


New 35 AR Weapons

Breaking the attack rating (AR) plateau with the new 3 new 35 AR weapons, this May update will introduce these highly coveted items as craftable items – a must for all harcore gamers. Players can now prowl the maps of Kielce for new recipes and materials to produce the new and powerful Masterpiece Series.

Previous Redbana updates for the month of May was the release of a special promo NPC, Cherlyn.


About Redbana

Redbana Corporation, in operation since April 2008, is the global publishing arm of leading videogame developer and publisher, T3 Entertainment. Redbana Corporation is known for releasing free-to-play and well-known MMORPG titles such as Granado Espada Online, Aika Online, Audition NA, Hellgate, Mythos and Wyd, whose titles they release under the T3fun portal. For more information about the games, visit

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